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Glorious Splendor

The rain gently falls
The sound is oh, so sweet
Nurturing the ground
Refreshing the air
Life giving water from above
This blessing falls on the just
And the unjust
As does the warmth of the sun
The calming breeze
The birds sweet lullaby
The brilliance of sunset
And the glorious splendor of the stars
Do you take notice?
Do you give thanks each day
For the blessings of that day?
Even when all is going wrong
God is still sending His blessings
Start to count them
Name them one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done.

Lay Your Burdens Down

 Early morning, waiting
 To hear the voice of God
 Calling to me deep within my heart
 Listening so intently
 For the Spirit's call
 Suddenly His voice comes like a shout
 I am here to heal you
 Lay your burdens down
 Let me touch you where it hurts the most
 I am here to save you
 Give me everything
 Let me hold you in my loving arms
 I hear Him calling, longing
 To draw me close to Him
 So he can speak so gently in my ear
 I slowly turn to greet Him
 Into my life this day
 And then I hear Him speak some words of cheer
 I am here to rescue
 Take you from your trials
 Bring you into freedom from your flesh
 Let me overwhelm you
 Fill you with my grace
 Give you faith to overcome your fears
 Finally I yield to Him
 Peace does flood my soul
 The world and all its trials fades away
 I'm leaning on His bosom
 He holds me in His arms
 I'm ready to go out and face the day
 For He has come and spoken
 Truth into my life
 That He is with everywhere I go
 And I can rest assured
 That He is always mine
 And in His loving hands I find my home.

Fill the Will of God

 Let us journey on
 Not in our own strength 
 Not by our own power
 Not following our own spirit
 But by the Holy Spirit within us
 Let us journey on
 Not on our own path
 Not by our own will
 Not following our own plans
 But with the Holy Spirit leading us
 Don’t worry about where he might lead you
 Or what you might have to leave behind
 Let us journey on
 Let us hear the call
 Let us leave our cares behind
 Let us journey on
 In the Spirit's might
 Let us fill the will of God


 When I consider all that He has done for me
 When I consider all the love that came from Calvary
 When I consider that he died so I could be set free
 I can't help but praise His name
 When I look up to the heavens and see His majesty
 When I see the trees to colors and the wind blow mightily
 When I hear the bird sing sweetly as the sun dawns in the East
 I can't help but praise His name
 He is always there to guide me
 Always right beside me
 Always there to pick me up if I should start to fall
 He is there to hear my prayers
 He is there to dry my tears
 That is why I praise His name
 When I lie my body down, and try to go to sleep
 I can hear His voice speak softly as the day fades quietly
 He whispers in my ear "My Son I love you, Oh so dear
 I can’t help but praise His name.

What A Blessing

 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 Each day you wake me and give me breath
 You make my eyes to open and see your glory
 The moon shining brightly in the night
 Smiling down at me
 The stars flickering so far away, yet so radiant
 Then comes the dawn
 The sun showing it’s light ever so slowly
 And so brilliantly, gilding the clouds with gold
 Spreading through the sky above
 You give the birds songs of praise to greet the morning
 And the day has begun
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You give me peace in the midst of my storms
 You adorn me with joy in the midst of my sorrows
 Your faith rises up in me when doubt comes in
 There is hope in just knowing you
 Hope that all will work out well in the toughest of time
 Hope that knows there is a better tomorrow
 Hope that carries me through each day
 Your love comes in like a flood
 Capturing me in its arms and holding me close
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You heal all my diseases and pains
 You set my troubled mind at ease
 You deliver me from all that can oppress me
 You forgive all my sins and transgressions
 You teach me through the word of life
 Your Holy Spirit guides me through this world
 And comforts me when I am troubled
 You give me living water that I might not thirst
 The bread of Life that I might never be hungry
 You provide all my needs and strengthen me for every battle
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you ae to me
 You brought me to a wife who would love me through good times and bad
 She helps me keep a level head and walk in your ways
 She is a wonderful mother to her children
 She is a woman of grace and mercy
 She laughs and brings joy to the whole house
 She makes things for her grandchildren to bless them
 She works hard to provide for our household
 She loves you with all her heart and serves you with all her soul
 She is fair and just in all her ways
 I love her with all that is within me
 And I know she loves me as well
 We enjoy being together
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me
 You have given me a wonderful family to enjoy
 Friends that I can call on in times of trouble
 A church that is loving and kind
 A Pastor who is wise to help me learn your ways
 Work for my hands to keep busy 
 A home I can find comfort in
 A community that is always there for me
 So many things that bring me pleasure
 A life filled with joy and peace
 Oh Lord, what a blessing you are to me

Beside Me

 Today I can say how good it is
 To sleep in my house 
 To lay in my bed
 To rest in my living room
 With the one I love beside me
 It was lonely when we were apart
 It was hard to sleep
 It was uncomfortable to rest 
 It was unusual in its waiting
 With one beside me now and then
 Our Father in heaven gave his son
 To be born in a Manger
 To die on a cross
 To forgive our sins and give us life
 So we could be with Him eternally
 He cries to us 
 Come, rest in my peace
 Come, lay in my arms
 Come, be with me forever
 For you are the one I love
 If you don't know Jesus
 As your Lord and Savior
 Why not ask Him today to forgive you
 Ask Him into your heart
 And He will save your soul
 And you will be with Him

I Exalt You, Lord

 I exalt you Lord.
 I lift up your name with my whole heart.
 I honor you with my first words every morning
 And until my last breath at night.
 You watch over me from on high.
 You keep me safe in times of trouble.
 You provide my every need.
 You bring me help when I am wear
 And strength when I am weak.
 I look to your word to guide m
 And I trust your Holy Spirit to show me which way to turn. 
 He keeps me safe from all harm.
 Thank you Lord for looking over me.
 Thank you Lord for looking over my family.
 Thank you Lord for looking over my grandchildren.
 Thank you Lord for abundant blessing a friends.
 May I continually lift your name on high
 And make my presence known to those around me.
 May I never be shy or bashful about my faith.
 I exalt you, Lord. 

Darkness Can Not Stay

 I saw the Light.
 It shone in my heart,
 And darkness fled before it.
 Where the Light shines in my life
 Darkness cannot stay.
 Oh, Lord
 Help me open all the doors in my life to your Light.
 Help me allow all my darkness to be purged
 By your glorious Light.
 The Light of your word will heal
 The Light of your word will deliver me
 The Light of your word will set me free
 The Light of your word will bring me peace
 The Light of your word will bring me Joy
 The Light of your word will help me love my neighbor as myself
 The Light of your word brings me life abundantly
 Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
 So that I may see your glorious Light.
 So darkness will be removed from my life
 And I will walk with you every moment of everyday.

Fog to Glory

 The outlook is bleak
 A cloud descended from above
 Shrouding the earth with a blanket
 Dense moisture shrouds all that I can’t see
 Thick fog
 Zero visibility when driving fog
 Pea soup indeed
 I can’t see the tops of trees
 Or the house down the street
 Or the dog barking in the distance
 Only fog
 Bleak and dreary
 As if a sadness covered the earth
 Direction is lost
 Where I am is a mystery as I drive
 Danger lurks closely
 I must stay aware
 And awake
 But then the cloud lifts
 As if a hand had picked it up
 It dissipates into nothing
 Blue sky is all around
 Either the cloud has just vanished
 Or it sunk into the ground
 What is left behind is breathtaking
 The misty fog left it’s mark
 Trees covered with frost abound
 Glistening in the bright blue sky
 Glorious and beautiful they rise
 Majestic and full of wonder
 Wonder at how such a gloomy day’
 Could turn so beautiful
 So quickly
 I stop to ponder
 Take a picture
 And marvel at the glory of God
 This is our life
 One minute it can be gloomy
 Full of lost hope
 Of fading desires
 Of things gone wrong
 Of turns made reluctantly
 Of dreams dashed
 Then God lifts the burden
 He casts His Holy Spirit upon us
 And we shine
 We shine by reflecting the glory of the Son
 His splendor makes us beautiful again
 ‘His mercy restores our hope
 His grace removes our faults
 Once again, the day seems bright
 Once again all is right
 I am renewed
 He has made me shine!
The Believers Life

A Thousand Promises

 A thousand promises you made to me
 Are all sustained by your mercy
 I can depend on every one
 Because of your redeeming blood
 Your healing
 Your deliverance
 Your salvation are all mine
 Your forgiveness
 Your assurance
 Your lovingkindness are all mine
 A home in heaven
 A rock to stand on
 A firm foundation are all mine
 Your grace and mercy
 Your Holy Spirit
 Your peace in trials are all mine
 Your joy unspeakable
 Your faith unshakeable
 Your hope endurable are all mine
 Perfect redemption are all mine
 I could go on and on today
 Of all the things your word does say
 But I will stop right here for now
 Because these truths make me say WOW
 What a Savior.  What a friend
 On your word I can depend
 The King of heaven cares for me
 He caused my blinded eyes to see
 That every day throughout all time
 A thousand promises are mine