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A Resting Place

I stand here thinking if my life 
And all the things I do
I realize that I'd be lost
If I did not have you

I was a soul just wandering 
Through darkness and disgrace 
Then one day I saw the light
When I came to know your grace

No more do I wander
No more do I roam
I have found a resting place
In you and you alone

What a blessed hope I have
What joy now fills my soul
A peace that calms down all my fears
Your love has made me whole


Only in you, Lord, only in you
Can I find rest in this troubled world


A Blessing for Today

May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you
May His love always shine on your face
May you walk on the path He has shown you
May you give out His amazing grace

May the hope that is in you be contagious
May you share joy with all that you meet
May you bring peace to all of your neighbors
May you pray for them all at His feet


I was leaning like a plant, all withered and dried out
Leaning on a past that was full of sin and doubt
Leaning in the gale that the storm had brought about
Ready to fall over if no one could help me out

A friend came by one day and said He had a plan for me
I asked him who it was that could come and set me free
He said it was a Savior who died upon a tree
And all I had to do was ask Him to pardon me

I had my doubts and fears but I cried out anyway
If you are really there con and help me find my way
I nearly cried out loud when I heard His still voice say
My child your are free by the power of my grace

Now I am walking daily in the mercy He provides
I’m leaning on Him all the time and He helps me survive
If you need to restore your life than please take my advice
Ask Jesus to forgive you and all will come out right

In The Middle of Your Mess

Weary soul are you lost and feeling hopeless
Have the troubles of this life crushed your strength
Have you wallowed in despair 
Just to find there's sorrow there 
Does it seem like all you do is all in vain

Don't give up on your dreams and your desires 
There is one who can bring all these to pass
In the middle of your mess
He still sees you at your best
He's just waiting for the day when you will call

Jesus, Jesus come and rescue me
Jesus, Jesus open my eyes to see
All the plans you have for me

Jesus, Jesus my hope us in your hands
Jesus, Jesus help me to understand  
You've redeemed me, set me free
Forever yours I want to be
I give my life to you. I give my life to you

Prime Yourself

I was running down the road just the other day
Didn't know where I was going but I didn't want to stay
I was hoping to find me a new exciting way 
To live this life that so far has been filled with dismay 

Seems I just can't seem to do the things that I should do
I am always doing something to hurt my life in you
I have trouble being faithful I have trouble being true 
So, I sit around in silence and my life seems dry and blue

Then I hear your gentle voice as it whispers in my ear
Saying “Child, lift up your head there is nothing you should fear
I will straighten every road and I will dry up every tear
All you have to do is prime yourself to hear.”

So, I lifted up my head and I dusted of my feet
I decided I would no longer be living in defeat
If Jesus would take the time to hear me when I speak
I've decided that it's time that His way is what I seek

Now life is so much better with the Savior by my side
I will rest in Him each day and in His love I will abide 
Not a single day from His presence will I hide
He is mine, I am His. What a wonderful life.

Oh, My Child

I’ve journeyed far and wide to different places
I’ve seen expressions change on many faces
This world is oh, so vast
And life goes by so fast
I wonder what’s ahead and what may fate is

It’s not a mystery that I have questions
About the God of heaven and His methods
Each day brings new confusion
Sometimes life seems an illusion
I cry out to the heavens seeking answers

Oh, my God.  What is my purpose?
Oh, my God.  What is your plan?
Oh, my God please come and fill me
With the faith to travel down this path I’m on

Then I hear a voice from heaven up above
And I sense the presence of my Father’s love 
He says “Son, don’t ever fear.
I’ll always be right here.
You’re my child and I’ll lead you through with love”

Oh, my child. You have a purpose
Oh, my child.  I have a plan for you
Oh, my child.  Just trust completely
Every trial and test will bring new faith to you

I will bring you through the fire. Bring you through the storm
Bring you through the heartache. Bring you through unharmed
For no weapon formed against you can ever stop my plan
When you feel like you are falling take my hand

Oh, my child. You have a purpose
Oh, my child.  I have a plan for you
Oh, my child.  Just trust completely
I am here and I am yours.
I am here and I am yours

I’m Resting

I’m resting today in the power of His love
There is no greater power on earth
His love never fails and it never gives up
I’m resting today in His love

I’m resting today in the light of His joy
There is no greater happiness found
His joy lifts me up when this life gets me down
I’m resting today in His joy

I’m resting today in the calm of His peace
There is nothing that unsettles me
His peace stills the wind and the waves when they come
I’m resting today in His peace

I’m resting today in the strength of His hope
There is no way I’ll let go of Him
His hope lets me know that my future is bright
I’m resting today in His peace

I hope that today you are resting in Him
There is no greater life than this
To know that the Savior is walking with you
Please rest today in Him

Make It So

I feast on the bread of this world
Instead of the bread of Life
I drink from my cup and my glass
Instead of the Living Water
I wake up to cares of this world
Rather then thoughts for your word
I’m not sure what I’m searching for
But I know what I need from my Father

I need a deeper desire to learn
A deeper desire to pray
A deeper desire to walk with you
A deeper desire to praise

Make it so, Lord
Make it so today
Let not another day go by
That I do not walk in your way
Fill me with your grace and mercy
Help me give it out to the world
Make it so, Lord.  Make it so
Make it so today.

He Breaks Me Down

He breaks me down, so he can build me up.
He pours me out so he can fill my cup
He dries me out so I will thirst for him.
He wears me down to lift me up again

His desire is to reach into my heart
take the old man out and make me new
His desire is to empty me of me
And fill me up with everything brand new

He uses trials in my life to show me I am weak
He uses every circumstance to build my faith
When I give my life to him and fully trust his grace
I will see his mercy working every day

He builds me up whenever I break down.
He fills my cup when I have been poured out
He satisfies the thirsting of my soul.
He lifts me up when life has got me down

His desire is to put his hope in me,
Drive away my doubt, and lift my faith
His desire is to fill me with his joy
And overwhelming peace every day

He uses trials in my life to show me I am weak
He uses every circumstance to build my faith
When I give my life to him and fully trust his grace
I will see his mercy working every day

I will see his mercy working,
And in faith I will be trusting
That his grace will give me hope every day
I will see his mercy working,
And in faith I will be trusting
That his grace will give me hope every day

Beside Me

Today I can say how good it is
To sleep in my house 
To lay in my bed
To rest in my living room
With the one I love beside me
It was lonely when we were apart
It was hard to sleep
It was uncomfortable to rest 
It was unusual in its waiting
With one beside me now and then
Our Father in heaven gave his son
To be born in a Manger
To die on a cross
To forgive our sins and give us life
So we could be with Him eternally
He cries to us 
Come, rest in my peace
Come, lay in my arms
Come, be with me forever
For you are the one I love
If you don't know Jesus
As your Lord and Savior
Why not ask Him today to forgive you
Ask Him into your heart
And He will save your soul
And you will be with Him