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Fake News

This world is full of guessing
What the truth is and is not
The news around the world
Seems often to be bought 

Two sides that can't agree
On what course they should take
Makes for a lot of wordplay
That makes the truth seem fake 

There's one thing that I know 
Will always speak the truth
That is the Holy Bible
God's Word to me and you 

It tells me Jesus came to earth
And gave His life away 
A sacrifice for all my sins
So He could make a way 

No oversimplification
Is in these words today
If you will ask forgiveness
You too will find the way 

His way is to eternal life 
With Peace and joy for you
The fake news that appears down here
Gives way to God's good news

Two Things

There’s only two things you must know
To be all you can be
Thing one is His great mercy
Thing two is grace that’s free
Mercy reached out to touch our lives
When Jesus came from above
Took the form of a baby
Because of His great love
Mercy was with Him every day
As He healed all that would come
Taught the ways of the Kingdom
Truly was God’s Son
Mercy then took Him to the cross
Where He bled and died for me
Mercy rose Him up from the grave
So I’d live eternally
The greatest show of mercy
The world has ever seen
Is something I must know deep down
Because it was done for me          
Grace has supplied my every need
From the moment I was born
From the fresh air that I breath each day
To the sunrise every morn
Grace followed us as we grew in years
For it truly gave us life
Each trial that we faced has passed
And grace helped us survive
Grace gave the greatest gift of all
When we asked the Savior in
By grace are you saved through faith my friend
It is grace that makes you win
This grace that’s so amazing
Grace always blesses me
He gives it freely to us
Supplying ever need
When you are looking out ahead
At what your life may bring
Make sure that grace and mercy
Are the most important thing

Big Brother

I have a big brother who calls me by name
Whenever I need Him He comes with a plan
No weapon against me will ever stand
My brother will save me by His mighty hand
I have a big brother and He has my back
When resources dwindle I have no lack
Because of His mercy the world gives me slack
And I have relief when the lender attacks
I have a big brother no doctor is He
But when sickness does come all symptoms will flee
When Pain tries to curse me His blood I will plead
Because by His blood I am healed and set free
I have a big brother with Him I’ll abide
When trouble comes near me in His arms I’ll hide
A refuge and fortress in He always provides
I know I am safe when he stands by my side
I have a big brother Jesus is His name
Once I cam to know Him I’ve not been the same
Each day I will rise up and give Him my praise
For He is on my side all of my days

I Had Been Good

I wandered aimlessly about
Not knowing I was wrong 
Thinking all the while
That God would go along 
He didn't mind my sin
He really understood 
After all most of my life
I really had been good 
Then i heard that Jesus 
Was God's only true Son
I learned He died for me
So my sins would be gone 
He took all my transgression 
He nailed it to that cross
'Twas then I realized 
What my sin truly cost
I asked Him to forgive me
To wash my sins away
I told Him I would make Him Lord 
I'd serve Him every fay
Now I am bound for heaven
I pray that you are too
Make Jesus Christ your Lord today 
His love will pardon you

Through the Storm

I come to you down on my knees
Hoping you will hear my plea
Ease my suff'ring ease my pain
So I can praise you once again
You speak to me so plain and clear
Making sure that I will hear
When you praise me through the storm
I will rescue you from harm
Through the storm I'll praise you 
Through the storm I'll worship 
Every trial
Every test
Will find me praising you
I rise up from my knees in haste
I lift my voice in grateful praise
Your word has spoken to my heart
From your praise I'll not depart
Hallelujah hallelujah 
Hallelujah to my King
Hallelujah hallelujah
Praise to you I sing
Through the storm I'll praise you 
Through the storm I'll worship 
Every trial
Every test
Will find me praising you
The Believers Life

Harken to the Lord

God's desire is always my freedom,
my deliverance,
my salvation from the pitfalls of this world. 
He wants me to walk in health and in blessing. 
I am the one who does not listen. 
He always listens to me. 
I am the one who doesn't spend time with Him. 
He always wants to spend time with me. 
I am the one who does not follow His word. 
He always honors His word. 
I am the one who walks away from His leading. 
He is always walking beside me. 
This sin that constantly invades my thoughts is not His fault,
it is mine because I do not let His thoughts invade my mind. 
He wants me to think on those things in His word,
on blessing not just ordinary living,
on victory not defeat,
on health not sickness,
on joy not sorrow,
on peace not turmoil,
on faith not doubt. 
It's time to harken to Him!

The Love of the Cross

I could search a million miles across this earthly home
I could seek out every passion that has captured a heart
I could look for what is greatest
According to this world
But I'll never find a greater love than Jesus imparts 
He stretched out His arms for me
When they nailed Him to that tree
He bled and died to wash my sins away
What a precious gift of grace
What a precious gift of grace
No power is greater than the blood of the Lamb
No hope us greater than His promise to man
No one can hold Him back He's coming again 
No love is greater than the love of the cross
I have seen how lives have been changed when a person looks to Jesus
Turning from their sin and making Him Lord of all
When they finally hear His voice and answer His call
There's no power on earth that can do what Jesus does
No power on earth can do what Jesus does
No power on earth can do what Jesus does 
Nothing can separate me 
Nothing can separate me 
Nothing can separate me from His love (4X)

Hide Me

Hide me in your presence
Hide me in your love
Hide me from the plot of the enemy
I can feel secure Lord
In the shelter of your wings
With all my heart I pray
Hide me
There’s a peace that comes from knowing the Lord has surrounded you.  In His presence, the enemy can not come near.  He cannot harm you, torment you, trouble you or tempt you.  The enemy is held at bay by the presence of the Lord.  God has a desire to always have you in His arms, but often we find ourselves prying those arms open and walking off on our own.  Just as we see the nation of Israel wander away from the Lord and then back again, so we wander in and out of His protection.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been curious how Israel could possibly forget how God delivered them from Egypt, or how He parted the Red Sea and the Jordan River.  How could they constantly turn away from a God who did so many miracles, over and over again.  Yet He has done many miracles in my life and before my eyes and I still sometimes walk away from His sheltering wings.
I need to nestle myself in His love.  I need to be captured by His everlasting joy.  I need to be captivated by the boundless hope that only comes from knowing Him.  And I need to reside in the peace that only comes from abiding in the vine.  I pray you find that place as well, because there we are hidden from the enemies attacks.  There we are safe!
Colossians 3:3 King James Version
For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

Now Him I Know

I walked into the nursing home that day knowing very soon I would leave in tears
I was here to visit a dear old friend who was slowly losing his mind
And I was with his wife of over 50 years
As we walked into his room I saw his children there three boys and one lovely daughter
They were standing by his chair; the girl was sitting down,
And they were sharing in a little bit of laughter
He did not know those he’d known all his life
He did not know his children; he did not know his wife
As they tried to smile they were holding back the tears
They had faded from his mind throughout the years.
His wife walked up beside the bed and smiled and he returned a look of wonder and a sigh
She said “How are you today my dear.  I’ve missed you oh so much”
And she reached out and gave a gentle touch
The old man looked bewildered she was there.  He said “Do I know you?  Why do you care?”
As she held back the tears, she said “I am your wife,
And we’ve been together nearly all our lives”
He did not know those he’d known all his life
He did not know his children; he did not know his wife
As they tried to smile they were holding back the tears
They had faded from his mind throughout the years.
She turned to leave the room, but they looked back to her life’s love
And she uttered one more thing before she left the room
“Jesus Loves You, this I know” were the final words she said
And the old man’s eyes got big and he lifted up his head
“Now Him I know!  He’s the Savior of my soul!
I gave my life to him so many years ago.”
His wife came running up, and with a hug she kissed his cheek
She said “Soon you will see him, and you’ll walk on golden streets”
Yes, Him I know!  He’s the one who makes me whole
I will walk with Him in heaven, walk on streets of gold
And even though I don’t know much down here on earth below
Quite soon I’ll be in heaven because – Him I know!
Many of us know a lot of people.  We may know business owners who can help us figure out what product will best suit our needs.  We may know plumbers who can come in a fix a clogged drain or hook up a new sink.  We may know the mailman who faithfully delivers the mail every day.  We may know electricians, and pastors and politicians and many other people who can help us get through life.  We may have a bevy of friends who can come to our aid in times of trouble.  It’s good to know a lot of people!
But there is only one that  matters/  Knowing Jesus as my personal Savior is the only way to get to Heaven. He said He is the way and that no one goes to the Father except through Him.  We must know Jesus!  Do you know Jesus today.  If not, ask Him to forgive you of your sins.  Make Him Lord of your life today.  It is a decision you will never regret. I pray everyone who reads this knows Jesus!