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Our Deepest Need

I was determined that my prayers would reach to heaven
I waited patiently to have the answer come
Then in the stirring of my heart I felt assurance
As the peace of God came rushing like a flood 

In that moment no more worry was within me
I know that Jesus had received my heartfelt plea
I lifted up my eyes to see the heavens open
As the Holy Spirit came to rest on me

What a joy then filled my heart to overflowing 
I felt a laugh deep down within my seeking soul
My mouth flew open and the laughter came in torrents 
My heart had found a place where I could just let go

I didn't care if those around me heard my laughter 
I didn't even recognize that they were there
And it was then I realized the blessed freedom
That could only come from Jesus loving hand

Then I remembered this all started in my prayer life 
I'd been seeking things I thought I truly need
But as it turned out all those things were not the answer 
Jesus brought an answer deeper than my plea

Now I share with you this heartfelt lesson
Always remember Jesus knows our deepest need
And if the answer to our prayer seems long forgotten 
There is something more He's given us indeed

The Door

 I’m waiting for Jesus to walk through the door
 I need Him today more than ever before
 He has the answer for all of my needs
 So I will wait here, down on my knees
 My petitions are simple and He hears them all
 I just have to listen so I’ll know when He calls
 I know that real soon His knock will announce
 That He has a word that He’ll soon pronounce
 I bring you healing, He says loud and clear
 I bring you wisdom to soothe all your tears
 I bring you peace that will calm every storm
 I bring you hope that will keep your soul calm
 I bring deliverance from Satan’s strong grip
 I bring my armor so you’ll be equipped
 I bring redemption from all of your sins
 I bring salvation to clean you within
 I’ll only come in if you answer my call
 I’ll knock on your door and wait in the hall
 Please come and open the door of your heart
 Then I will be with you and never depart