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He Reigns In Majesty

High above the mountains
High above the sea
High above all nature
He reigns in Majesty

High above the creation
High above all men
High above the heavens
He reigns for all to see

His glory fills the skies above
His glory fills my soul
His glory all around us
For all men to behold

I can’t deny His goodness
I can’t deny His grace
I can’t deny His mercy
I long to see His face

Majestic is the Lamb
Who sits upon the throne
Forever we will worship Him
Jesus Christy our Lord

Evermore He Reigns

 All hail the King
 Who sits upon the throne
 Clothed in royal majesty
 God and God alone
 All rise to Him
 Lift up your hands
 Lift your praises to His name
 Evermore He reigns
 Bless the name of Jesus
 Lamb of God is He
 Gave His life to bear our sins
 Then He rose again
 Honor and glory
 Power and dominion
 Praise and adoration
 To the King who reigns on high 

Worship Him Alone

Holy is the Lord
Seated on the throne
Clothed in royal majesty
Worship Him alone

Holy is the Lamb
Worshiped and adored
Let His name be magnified
Jesus Christ my Lord

Jesus, my Lord
Jesus, my Lord
I lift my hands up to the sky
I lift my voice to magnify
Your name is worthy of my praise
Jesus Christ my Lord

All I want to do is praise Him. From the mornings dawn to the setting sun, I lift my hands in praise. As I gaze up at the wonders in the glorious stars, I can’t help but stand in awe of His creation. I lift my voice to magnify His name, His wondrous name. he is not seated on His throne in heaven. He paid the price for my sin and has been raised by His Father, who loved Him. His Father sent Him to show how much he loved each one of us. He loves all of us so much. He loves you more than you can imagine. He loves me more than I can fathom. That is why I praise Him. That is why I glorify His name. That is why I sing this song today, and each song He gives me every day. Because He is worthy of my praise. Not because He provides for me, protects me, delivers me, saves me and does so much for me. I praise Him simply because he is worthy.

Psalm 8:9
O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!