This Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day
The night is done
The Sky is bright
The child has come

The angels sang
Their joyous song
The shepherds came
Here they belong

The kings have seen
The brightest star
And they have traveled
From afar

It’s your turn now
What will you do
This little child
Has come for you

He came to teach
You how to live
He came tow you
How to give

He came to bring
God down to man
He came to prove
God’s loving plan

He came to die
For all your sins
He came to rise
To Heaven again

Will you accept
His sacrifice
Will you receive
Eternal life

The Christmas Day
Receive this Child
The Son of God

The Great Payment

Have you ever thought it strange
That a baby in a manger
Would be the one who came to set men free
And have you ever stopped to think
About the fact that Heaven’s King
Left His throne to come and die for you and me

You may think it’s fable
He was born in lowly stable
But the story has withstood the test of time
And I thought that you should know
Why I’ve come to love Him so
For I want you to know this Lord of Life

You see, He changed my life
When I came to Him that time
That my life was spinning out of control
He forgave all of my sin
And He put His spirit in
Now He walks with me wherever I may go

Because this baby in the manger
Was no ordinary stranger
But the Son of God who came to earth that day
He shared the Father’s love
And brought healing from above
And He said He was the truth the life the way

His teaching brought division
Put the leaders in derision
They decided that He must be put to death
So they shouted crucify Him
On a cross they railed against Him
And He gave His life in one last gasp of breath

The final price was paid
For the sin of human race
And now we are set free forevermore
And it all began that day
In a stable filled with hay
And a baby who the blessed Mary bore.

This Christmas don’t forget
The great payment for our debt
That was made by that baby in the hay
He was born to die for me
And to set the captive free
Let us celebrate His birth this Christmas day

The Light

What an awesome God I serve
He sent His Spirit to survey this world
When it was dark and void of life
His Spirit roamed to find emptiness
Then he spoke and there was Light
Light that shone without a source
Light that engulfed the whole world
All at once
No more darkness
Day and Night were now entrenched
Never to be changed again
He spoke again and dry land appeared
Above the waters
Separated by the waters
No life yet
Just dry land beside still waters
Land ready to produce
Land ready to be occupied
Then He separated the heavens from the earth
Clouds appeared
Two days had passed
On day three God spoke again
He caused the grass to grow
And the trees to grow
The fruit trees which carried their own seed
He looked out up all He had done
And said It is Good
On the fourth day
He spoke again
Let there be lights in the sky
The Sun by day
The moon by night
Let stars shine in the heavens
Placed one by one
And it was so
These lights did not replace the first Light
Which now shines in our hearts
On our sin
To show us God’s way
His path
The first Light was the Word of God
And the Word became flesh
And dwelt among us
He taught us
Showed us the Father
That we might believe
Then He was taken
Accused falsely
Condemned to die
On a cross
A crown of thorns on His head
Spit on
Made to carry His cross
Nails through His feet and hands
Vinegar to drink
And darkness covered the earth
During the middle of the day
The Light was hanging on a tree
The unblemished Lamb of God
Sacrificed for all my sins
Took my place
And died for me
Placed in a borrowed tomb
Wrapped in a linen cloth
Stone placed at the entrance
Sealed by the rulers
Guards put in place
No escape
But nothing could hold the Light
On the third day He came forth
Once again to shine the Light
The Light that was from the beginning
The Light that will never die
Heaven and earth will pass away
But His Word
His Light
Will remain forever and ever
What an awesome God I serve

These Words I Write

I’ve given up foods
I’ve given up booze
I’ve given up drugs
I’ve passed up on hugs
I’ve given up parties
I’ve given up pastries
All to clean up my life

I’ve tried to obey
But I’ve gone astray
On most every day
I lose my way
I fall down and pray
The wrong words I say
My life is so far from right

I’m so glad that God does not expect perfection
For He gave His Son to pay for my salvation
The quintessential sacrifice was made
So God above could show His awesome grace
Now I will gladly give Him all my adoration

These words I write
To help you find Light
That you will gain life
From His sacrifice
His love never dies
It’s yours for all time
Please call on the Lord today

In response to the daily prompt

The Nature of our Soul

Some say that they will be fine in the end
That Jesus saved us all that fateful day
The sacrifice was made
On Him our sins were laid
And now we can go on our merry way

There’s an element of truth in what they say
Jesus did atone for all our sins that day
But still you must repent
Of a life that has been spent
With the sin stain of the past still in place

You see it’s not the sin that we all see
That is critical to rid from this body
It’s the nature of our soul
That keeps us from being whole
It’s been there since the beginning of all time

This natural sin is deep within your heart
And there is only one way it departs
Confess that you have sinned
Repent and ask Him in
Take a personal step to Jesus Christ our Lord

In response to the daily prompt

The Right Path

I loved to play a part or two with the Iowa River Players
They put on stage plays several times a year
For many years my wife and I filled roles that made us smile
And sometimes they would also bring a tear

These roles were usually fun to play and kept us very busy
It stole a lot of time away from home
It also took away from spending time alone with God
And that is when my mind began to roam

I went a long way off the path where I should not have gone
I found myself destroying my own life
Then I remembered the dramatic way that Jesus came
And took all of my deathly sins away

He was beaten close to death by a Roman soldiers scourge
His flesh was ripped with wounds on back and chest
A cruel crown of thorns was placed upon His head
He was beaten, spited on and mocked in jest

All His followers denied Him as they called out crucify
He carried His own cross to Calvary
Nails pierced through hands and feet as they hung Him to a tree
Then He breathed His last and died for you and me

He died to free us from our sin and heal us from our pain
He died to reconcile us to God
The He rose again to give us all eternity with Him
He proved to all that He had overcome

Now we all have a choice to accept the price He paid
And become the sons of God he called us to
This is what has brought me back to the path I am now on
And the path that I am praying is for you

In response to the daily prompt

Quite Insurmountable

The legend of Yeti is quite insurmountable
He’s known as a snowman who’s quite abominable
Fiction as fact and mostly not affable
He lives in the lore of old times

But one much older than him is not so abominable
And the deeds he has down are quite insurmountable
Or God in heaven is always most affable
And I love to give him my time

I talk to Him in my prayers every day
I talk to Him when I praise Him always
I sing my songs to His wonderful name
For He is the author of time

Let us forget the myth that takes up our time
And think on the one who gives us our time
He loves to be with us and near us at all times
Give Him everything that you are

In response to the daily prompt

He Sent His Son

There’s a song that I sing when I look back
At all He has done for me
It’s a song of great joy and assurance
That His grace and His mercy are free

This truth became true in my lifetime
When I confessed Jesus as Lord
I was worn out and tired of my troubles
When He told me I was adored

He sent His Son to live
He sent His Son to die
He sent His Son to be my sinless sacrifice
He sent His Son to rise
Beyond the cloudy skies
He sent His Son so I could have eternal life

You can have this salvation in your life
It’s not very far away
Just reach out and hold onto Jesus
Then you’ll find your life new everyday

He sent His Son to live
He sent His Son to die
He sent His Son to be my sinless sacrifice
He sent His Son to rise
Beyond the cloudy skies
He sent His Son so I could have eternal life

Through all your troubles
Through all your struggles
His love will see you through
Through all the storms
Through every harm
His peace and His joy will hold you

He sent His Son to live
He sent His Son to die
He sent His Son to be my sinless sacrifice
He sent His Son to rise
Beyond the cloudy skies
He sent His Son so I could have eternal life

Brave Service

I’ve lived a life of ease most times
I haven’t fought a fight
I haven’t risked my life for those
That thought a war not right

I never understood the pain
They felt when they came home
All that they gave seemed meaningless
Because we did not know

We did not know the hurt inside
We did not know the danger
We did not take the time to thank
The ones so filled with anger

The only honorable thing that’s left
Is to thank them one by one
For their brave service to this land
And all that they have done


In response to the daily prompt

Earned Freedom

When he came home he was weary
Tired of the jungle’s heat
Tired of the sound of gun shots
Ringing in His ear

He walked onto this soil that day
Hoping a greeting awaits
All he got was shouting
No ceremony played

They gave themselves completely
Getting little in return
Except the pride of knowing
Our freedom they did earn.

Today we honor those who died
To keep our freedom strong
Let’s not forget those veterans
Who suffer their whole lives long


In response to the daily prompt Ceremony