Your Glory

 What makes us different than all the other beasts
 The bear and the squirrel, the otter and geese?
 What is it that makes us humans unique?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord.
 What gives us the right to call on the Lord?
 What helps us to follow His life-giving word?
 What is it that leads us to eternal rewards?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord
 His glory is life giving, shining so bright.
 His glory is healing. His glory gives light.
 His glory shines through every darkness of night.
 His glory extends to the highest height
 What is it that draws us so close to Him?
 What is it that settles His love deep within?
 What is it that will bring our Lord back again?
 It’s the glory.  The glory of the Lord
 His glory brings peace in the midst of the storm.
 His glory brings shelter and keeps our hearts warm
 His glory will keep our soul joyful and calm
 His glory will hold me safe in His arms
 Thank you, Lord, for your glory today
 ‘It guides us and leads us and shows us the way
 Your glory is what provides mercy and grace
 Your glory is all that I need 

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