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Amazing Things

What keeps me from giving my all
To answer the call
You’ve given to me

Why do I hold back
Is it for lack of faith
That you’ll do what you say

Help me Lord to see
That I can be
All that you’ve showed to me

Lord I humbly come before you
Take my pride away from me
Lord I truly do adore you
Make me all that you want me to be
If I’d only trust in you
And not myself
If I’d give all that I have
Get off the shelf
You’d do amazing things

I must find a way
To walk in faith
And reach the lost today

Open my eyes
Help me realize
You’ll give the words to say

All of you
None of me
So that others may see
Of your love
From above
Shine through me

Lord I humbly come before you
Take my pride away from me
Lord I truly do adore you
Make me all that you want me to be
If I’d only trust in you
And not myself
If I’d give all that I have
Get off the shelf
You’d do amazing things

The Believers Life

He Lifts Me

He lifts me
Out of fear into love
Out of doubt into faith
Out of sorrow into joy
Out of turmoil into peace
Out of despair into hope
Out of darkness into light
Out of defeat into victory
Out of pride into humility
Out of anxiety into patience
Out of selfishness into compassion
Out of ignorance into wisdom
Out of weakness into strength
Out of sin into righteousness
Out of bondage into freedom
Out of sickness into healing
Out of depression into optimism
Out of chaos into your plan
Out of being overcome into an overcomer
Out of the miry clay into His loving arms
Out of my will into your way
Out of my flesh into His Spirit
Out of this world into His Kingdom
Out of the lake of fire into eternal life

His Light Speaks

Three in the morn
Fills the skies
Fills the air
Fills my sight
Cloud fused moonlight
Stars obscured
Street light shine in town
Some house lights ondarkne
To keep the darkness out
But out on the path
Way at the end
No light filters in
Eyes don’t see the trail
Flashlight needed to navigate
Finding my way
In the dark
Quiet all around
No one else moving
No dogs barking
No cars moving
No birds singing
Only the sound of silence
Fills the air
Beautiful quiet
In which to pray To meditate
To reflect on God’s goodness
He speaks
I listen
I hear
Poems come
Return to house
I write
You read
Mercy flows
All are blessed
By the darkness
Into which His light speaks

Ode to God’s Plan for Our Marriage

I’ve been thinking of God’s mercy
And His wondrous love for me
He was with me in my mother’s womb
Forming my head
My hands
My feet
My mind
My heart
Knowing that I would follow Him in my youth
Knowing that I would wander far away
In my teens and early twenties
Knowing that i would repent
And accept the amazing gift of His Son
And eternal life
In my mid-twenties
He formed my would -be wife when I was eight
He nurtured her in her youth knowing one day we would be together
Knowing exactly who she needed to be to deal with me
When I was twenty-six we met and were wed
Forty years later she is still my helpmate
My soulmate
My partner in worship
My everything along with Christ my Lord
What a Savior I have
What an awesome God I Serve
Who would prepare my bride so perfectly
To put up with a mess like me.
I praise Him
For we were both fearfully and wonderfully made
I write songs and hardly play
I do not write music
She plays by ear and can follow my voice
She does not need the music.
How awesome is my God
To prepare our way before us
For the ministry He has given each of us
What grace
What mercy
What love
Does my God have for us
I will praise Him
I will worship Him
I will adore Him
All the days of my life.

Psalmist Musings 1

I will lift my voice to praise my God
I will declare His goodness in all the earth
For He has walked with me through the valley
And held my hand in the pit of destruction
Great is His love for me
When I was in my deepest trial
He comforted me with His words
His voice spoke softly in my ears
I will continually lift my worship to Him
For His mercy endures forever
He will not fail me
Nor will He let me fail
But He will bring me through the storm
Through the wind and the rains
The torrential rains and fierce lightning
Through it all I will exalt Him
And He will quide me safely
For His love for me never fails
And His grace lifts me up.

Through Endless Obstacles

Through the ancient forest
Tall and majestic trees
Reaching to the sky
Raining leaves in a drizzle
To the ragged ground below
Some fall into the brook
Over small rocks
Through tiny culverts
Unceasingly advancing
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
The brook continues on
Like that brook
Which murmurs as it flows
The voice of God speaks
Speaks to ears that will listen
Ears that are open
Hearts that are attentive
Waiting in anticipation
It comes amid this loud world
Thoughts fill our minds
Fleshly thoughts
Godless thoughts
Trying to block out His voice
Ever present
His voice speaks
He’s always there
Like that brook
Trying to find you
Find your ears
Find your heart
Through endless obstacles
Nothing stops it
Except our inability to listen
His voice continues on

Sound Steady

I cannot guess the timing
For no one knows the day
The time of His arriving
Is not too far away

I pray that you are ready
To answer His great call
The trumpet will sound steady
And He will gather all

All who call Him Savior
All who call Him Lord
If you have His favor
If He your heart adores

I may be premature
By thinking you are saved
If you’re not really sure
Please get saved today!


In response top the daily prompt Premature