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Every Moment

 Making time
 Losing time
 Forgetting the time
 We all have the same amount
 Ever minute, every day, every year
 It's not a matter of how much time
 But how we use the time
 It is a gift to us
 A precious gift
 From God
 Do I squander it?
 Do I plan it?
 Do I ignore it?
 Do I watch it?
 Do I use it to the fullest,
 Or squander it away?
 God's gifts are meant to be cherished
 Every moment should be cherished
 Every moment accounted for
 Every moment be made special
 Every moment given back to Him.
 I will lift my praise every moment
 I will lift my prayers every moment
 I will lift His name every moment
 I will honor Him every moment
 How will you use your time today?