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Since Jesus Came Into My Heart

I wandered through darkness for so many years
My life had no joy as I looked out in tears
I had many doubts and thought many fears
Then Jesus came into my heart

He gave me a hope that is steadfast and sure
For all of my worries He had a cure
The love that he had for me was so pure
The day he came into my heart

Since Jesus came into my heart
I never want Him to depart
He gives me peace
My life is complete
Since Jesus came into my heart

Now I am walking with Him every day
He guides my path and shows me the way
I know that forever in His love I’ll stay
I’m blessed to have Him in my heart

If you do not know the Savior today
I hope you’ll consider what I have to say
Please know there are people who constantly pray
That you’ll allow Him in your heart

Since Jesus came into my heart
I never want Him to depart
He gives me peace
My life is complete
Since Jesus came into my heart

The War Rages On

The war rages on within me
My spirit battles my flesh
There are times I seem lost in the sin of my past
And I cannot find any rest

I know that He died for my sins
That He hung on the cross for me
Yet I still face this foe that is deep down inside
He yearns for victory

I get down on my knees and cry mercy
To the one who can pull me out
Then I feel Him come and fill me with grace
I rise up and let out a shout

Thanks for the victory Jesus
This battles not mine but yours
I give you my mind and all of my thoughts
I know you hear all my prayers

Help me yield myself wholly to you, Lord
Help me give up all that is mine
Help me follow you closely every day
Help me walk in your vict’ry divine

Only in you can I overcome
The lusts of the flesh that floods in
Only in you do I have the strength
To feel your sweet peace within

Thank you dear Lord for your mercy
Thank you for your saving grace
Help me to walk with the Spirit each day
Until I see your sweet face

In Hard Times


Sulking in a corner
Downstairs in my room
Thoughts of taking my life
All is doom and gloom
I can’t see a future
When I see my past
Why don’t I just end it
This misery will last

All alone
The enemy attacks here
Going crazy
Hope is gone
Why am I in such fear

I search my inner being
I find a ray of hope
There’s something deep inside me
That rises like a smoke
It fills my mind with wonder
Then I can sense a joy
The Holy Spirit rises up
His peace I now employ

I won’t get isolated
I won’t go off alone
I won’t look at my past
That robs me of my hope
I’ll look to the future
Where God has plans for me
And in His loving arms
I will always be

Don’t get isolated
Don’t crawl inside your head
Allow the Holy Spirit
To bring joy instead
He is waiting for you
To summon Him today
Rise up from that depression
For God will show the way