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Fog to Glory

 The outlook is bleak
 A cloud descended from above
 Shrouding the earth with a blanket
 Dense moisture shrouds all that I can’t see
 Thick fog
 Zero visibility when driving fog
 Pea soup indeed
 I can’t see the tops of trees
 Or the house down the street
 Or the dog barking in the distance
 Only fog
 Bleak and dreary
 As if a sadness covered the earth
 Direction is lost
 Where I am is a mystery as I drive
 Danger lurks closely
 I must stay aware
 And awake
 But then the cloud lifts
 As if a hand had picked it up
 It dissipates into nothing
 Blue sky is all around
 Either the cloud has just vanished
 Or it sunk into the ground
 What is left behind is breathtaking
 The misty fog left it’s mark
 Trees covered with frost abound
 Glistening in the bright blue sky
 Glorious and beautiful they rise
 Majestic and full of wonder
 Wonder at how such a gloomy day’
 Could turn so beautiful
 So quickly
 I stop to ponder
 Take a picture
 And marvel at the glory of God
 This is our life
 One minute it can be gloomy
 Full of lost hope
 Of fading desires
 Of things gone wrong
 Of turns made reluctantly
 Of dreams dashed
 Then God lifts the burden
 He casts His Holy Spirit upon us
 And we shine
 We shine by reflecting the glory of the Son
 His splendor makes us beautiful again
 ‘His mercy restores our hope
 His grace removes our faults
 Once again, the day seems bright
 Once again all is right
 I am renewed
 He has made me shine!