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Have You Seen the Star

 Have you seen the star
 Have you bowed in awe
 Have you traveled far
 From your sin
 Have you given gold
 All the world beholds
 So that you can hold
 Onto Him
 Has the frankincense
 Cleansed you from your sin
 Are you born again
 A priest for Him
 Has the myrrh applied
 From yourself to die
 Giving up your life
 All for Him
 Have you seen the star
 Has it changed your life
 Come to Jesus now
 And be saved

Come to the Star

 I couldn’t believe my eyes.
 There it was,
 shining so brightly in the Eastern sky.
 A radiant star,
 one never seen before.
 Brighter than the greatest star,
 brighter almost than the moon,
 high in the sky.
 I knew it was a sign.
 A sign of the coming King.
 A sing of a great leader.
 A sign we had looked for since time began.
 I had to go.
 Go to that star,
 go to where it pointed
 because I knew the ancient texts.
 They said a Messiah would come to save His people.
 And not just his people,
 but all people
 all races, kindred and tribe.
 The ancient text said he would be a wonderful counselor,
 a mighty God,
 an everlasting Father,
 a prince of peace.
 They said the increase of his government and peace would have no end.
 I had to see this child.
 this wondrous child,
 this destined child.
 I could not go without a gift,
 A gift worthy of a king.
 Gold would be my gift to the child
 I sent word two of my allies.
 When word came back,
 They also had seen the star.
 They also knew it’s meaning.
 They also would make the trip.
 One reminded me that he would be a priest to his people
 A priest like no other.
 A priest who would wash away their sin.
 A priest who would make their stony hearts flesh.
 He was brining frankincense
 In remembrance of the anointing oil for priests.
 The other remembered that he would die,
 He would die a horrible death,
 The death of the Roman cross.
 He would be led like sheep to the slaughter
 He would be wounded for our transgressions,
 bruised for our iniquities,
 the chastisement of our peace would be upon him,
 and by his stripes we would be healed.
 That King brought myrrh,
 the anointing oil of death.
 The journey would be long and arduous,
 but we had to go see this child.
 We wondered to each other why others were not going with us?
 Why did they not see the star?
 Why did they not know the ancient text?
 Why did they not realize what was happening?
 We realized among ourselves that some refuse to see,
 they refuse to acknowledge a king has come.
 They do now want to be responsible to someone higher than themselves.
 They do not desire accountability to such a Messiah.
 Others are blinded to the meaning of the star.
 They need someone to tell them,
 to show them the way,
 to lead them to the star.
 How about you,
 the reader of our story here.
 Have you seen the star?
 Will you follow its course?
 Will you come to the Savior?
 Can I help you understand?
 Can I help you see?
 Do not wait,
 today is the day of salvation.
 Come to the star today,
 before it is too late
Christmas Poetry

This Night

 This night is a holy night.  
 With the star shining brightly in the sky
 Where the child lay
 This night is a holy night.  
 For the spirit of God has come to stay
 In a stable filled with hay.  
 It’s a Holy Night
 This star is a holy star.  
 Shining so brightly in the sky
 There to light the way
 This star is a holy star.  
 Giving light to Mary’s newborn babe
 He has come the world to save. 
 It’s a Holy Star.
 All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
 Emmanuel has come to earth
 Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
 The son of God has come to save
 This child is a holy child.  
 The angels proclaim His lowly birth
 To shepherds in the field
 This child is a holy child.  
 Kings bearing gifts come from afar
 And they kneel before the child.  
 He’s a Holy Child.
 Lift up your voice and sing praise to the newborn king
 Good will to man and peace on earth He brings
 Join with the chorus as angels sing
 Praises to the King.  Sing praises to the King!
 All of heaven rejoices, singing hallelujah
 Emmanuel has come to earth
 Angels ring in His coming on this glorious day
 The son of God has come to save