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Sinking Ground

 No one expected the angels
 No one expected the star
 No one expected that shepherds would bow
 Or that kings would come from afar
 No one knew that a child would be born
 In a manger filled with hay
 Only the Father knew His plan
 On that blessed Christmas day
 We hustle and bustle, thinking all is well
 As presents are piled up high
 We fix our great feasts and tell of good cheer
 While the sun rises high in sky
 We look at our children, all merry and bright
 As they open their presents with glee
 With great hope we look out on this beautiful day
 In the land of the brave and the free
 But in truth all around us the world’s fading fast
 Into a world of defeat
 Morality slowly is withered away
 And a plague fills us all with disease
 They speak of a cure when before there was none
 All around us people bow down
 We must sound the alarm in this worst of all times
 We are standing on sinking ground
 Our Father above sees all that transpires
 He knows when the time will be right
 That the trumpet will sound for all men to hear
 In the clouds His Son will arrive
 He will come as a thief in the night that day
 No one knows when is the time
 Just as He came on that Christmas Day
 Only few will be chosen to rise 
 Are you ready for Him to appear that day?
 Is your heart settled in His true grace?
 Have you asked Jesus Christ to be your Lord?
 Does He receive all of your praise?
 On this Christmas Day give your whole life to Him
 All your heart and your soul and your mind
 Tomorrow may be too late my friend
 And you’ll find you’re left behind
 Unexpected by many He will show up
 Please don’t say I’ll do it next time

Miracle Child

 The young girl was praying on bended knee saying Lord I will follow wherever you lead
 With this child my family will send me away ‘til the day the baby is born.
 The young man asked why he should still love the lass when the child she carried he knew was not his
 All the world would mock her and treat her as dirt and the hurt would never return
 But the Angel had told them the child would be theirs that He would be special and they should not care
 How the world would respond to this miracle child 
 So they trusted in the Lord.  Yes they trusted in the Lord.
 They called His name Jesus, Emmanuel
 Ki-ing of all kings, Lord of all
 Wonderful Savior, Prince of peace
 Emmanuel, God is wi-ith us.
 They followed the road down to Bethlehem where the child would be born, in a manger lay
 And they settled him down in the soft, cool hay and they prayed, giving thanks to the Lord
 Then kings from afar came bearing great gifts and shepherds left flocks just to kneel at His feet
 The star was so bright ‘bove the place where he lay 
 ‘Twas the birthday of the King.  The birthday of the King!
 All heaven rejoiced at the sound of His coming, on earth all was quiet and still
 The child in the manger brought peace to all men, and His message would be of good will
Christmas Poetry

A Little Hole In Heaven

 A little hole in heaven
 Opened up that Christmas day 
 When Jesus Son of God 
 Came to earth as a little babe
 When He left His throne above
 He traveled through that hole
 A host of angels followed
 And one His story told
 He told it to some shepherds
 Out in the field that night
 They trembled at the Angel
 For he shone with heavenly light
 He told them that a Savior
 Was born in Bethlehem
 The full angelic choir sang
 The shepherds went to greet Him
 That hole let out the brilliant light
 That surged from Jesus throne
 It looked as if a giant star
 Above the manger shone
 Three kings from far off countries
 Saw the brilliant star so bright
 They set off on a journey
 With gifts for the promised child
 Yes a little hole in heaven
 Opened up that Christmas night
 Through it came our Savior
 Coming down to give us Light
 He shone the Light from heaven
 So that we could see our sin
 Then He died as our redeemer
 If our hearts would now repent
 Open up your heart to Jesus
 On this blessed Christmas day
 He came down from heaven’s glory
 So He could light your way