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The Gifts of Christmas

 I see them buying Christmas gifts everywhere I go
 They’ll wrap them all real nicely and tie them with a bow
 Underneath the Christmas tree they’ll make the children smile
 What a chance to share the love of Jesus with a little child
 He was born in a manger so many years ago
 Shepherds called by angels came to Him, bowing low
 Three kings came there to greet Him by following a star
 They brought gifts of great significance from afar
 One brought gold that shone like the noonday sun
 This gift was meant to show He was a king, a chosen one
 The riches He possessed were greater than that gold
 His victory on the cross is there for all to behold
 The second brought some myrrh, a gift of somber tone
 The anointing of the dead was how this gift was known
 It signified that He would die to take our sins away
 The fragrance of His sacrifice is still alive today
 The third gift was a vial of frankincense, oh so sweet
 It was used in the anointing oil of all the priests
 It signified that Jesus was a priest above them all
 And that our life would do well to answer to His call
 So this year when those gifts are underneath the tree
 See it as a moment of golden opportunity
 To tell the world of Jesus and how He is enough
 He came, He lived, He died to show us His great love 

The Reason

 Shoppers are shopping
 Mailmen are walking
 Delivering gifts bought on line
 Trees all are glimmering
 Houses are shimmering
 Lights hung to cheer us in time
 Carols are ringing
 Sleigh Bells are jingling
 Songs of the season are here
 Bright lights are glowing
 Egg nog is flowing
 All midst the words of good cheer
 We all are running
 From each day’s beginning
 To celebrate Christmas each year
 But how about stopping
 Take time from shopping 
 And realize the reason where here
 The star was a’shining
 The cattle were lowing
 When Mary gave birth to a son
 Shepherds were praising
 Sheep were there grazing
 A Savior for all had now come
 He went ‘round teaching
 And gave many healing
 His words filled the hearer with life
 But leaders were seething
 And they started pleading
 To have Jesus crucified
 He went through the suff’ring
 And became the off’ring
 For all of the sins of mankind
 The grave not confining
 He came out a’rising
 Defeating death for all of time
 This is the reason
 For Christmas season
 Let’s not forget why we sing
 For this is God’s son
 Who became the one
 To save all of us from ours sin
 So, I will sing praise
 To His wonderful name
 I will lift up my voice to the King
 He’s always the same
 And His love will remain
 He has given to us everything