So Few

 He was born in a stable in little Bethlehem
 Laid in a manger sleeping on the hay
 Angels beckoned shepherds and kings from other lands
 To see the Son of God that day
 What they all knew is that He was born a King
 Despite the surroundings they could see
 Mary and Joseph knew glad tidings He would bring
 The Son of Man would show the way
 Oh, what a blessing
 Oh , what an honor
 Oh, what a solemn call it is
 So few had come to the baby born that night
 So few knew Him as a King
 Today we decorate with lights and candy canes
 Presents are set under a Christmas tree
 But there are so few that really recognize the day
 As a day they celebrate their King
 They think He’s a prophet or a teacher of great truths
 They think He’s a wise man with a gift
 Some even think He’s a fable and never really lived
 Oh how wrong they are to miss the King
 Oh, what a blessing
 Oh, what an honor
 Oh, what a solemn call it is
 To be among the few who call this baby King
 So few make Him Lord of their lives
 So few bow down to the baby born that night
 So few know the Savior has arrived
 So few recognize He came to give His life
 So few will bow before His throne
 The shepherds Knew the story
 The wise men knew the story
 Mary and Joseph knew the story
 Do you? 

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