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So Few

 He was born in a stable in little Bethlehem
 Laid in a manger sleeping on the hay
 Angels beckoned shepherds and kings from other lands
 To see the Son of God that day
 What they all knew is that He was born a King
 Despite the surroundings they could see
 Mary and Joseph knew glad tidings He would bring
 The Son of Man would show the way
 Oh, what a blessing
 Oh , what an honor
 Oh, what a solemn call it is
 So few had come to the baby born that night
 So few knew Him as a King
 Today we decorate with lights and candy canes
 Presents are set under a Christmas tree
 But there are so few that really recognize the day
 As a day they celebrate their King
 They think He’s a prophet or a teacher of great truths
 They think He’s a wise man with a gift
 Some even think He’s a fable and never really lived
 Oh how wrong they are to miss the King
 Oh, what a blessing
 Oh, what an honor
 Oh, what a solemn call it is
 To be among the few who call this baby King
 So few make Him Lord of their lives
 So few bow down to the baby born that night
 So few know the Savior has arrived
 So few recognize He came to give His life
 So few will bow before His throne
 The shepherds Knew the story
 The wise men knew the story
 Mary and Joseph knew the story
 Do you? 

Praise Him

The King of King laid down His life
The Lord of Lords our sacrifice
He rose again and reigns on high
Giving us eternal life
Praise Him
Praise Him
The name above all other names
Who once for all buried my shame
Forever He remains the same
Forever let my voice proclaim
Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him with your hands lifted high
Let His name be magnified
Give Him all the glory
Give Him all the honor
He alone has power
To save our lives
Praise Him


Behold the little babe
Lying in the hay
Shepherds gather ‘round
Bringing Him their praise

Behold the Son of Man
Teaching in the street
Healing all who come
Friend to all he meets

Behold the Lamb of God
Hung upon a tree
Beaten, bruised and tortured
All to set me free

Behold the Resurrection
Rising from the grave
Victory over death
Praise His Holy name

Behold the King of Kings’
Sitting on the throne
He’s the Lord of Lords
Worship Him Alone

Come to The Lamb of God

Come to the Living Water
To satisfy your soul
Fills your hearts desire
Makes your Spirit whole

Come to the Bread of Life
A new supply each day
He’ll fill your every longing
When His will you obey

Come to the Light of the World
The darkness disappears
Your path is laid before you
His light dispels your fears

Come to the Lamb of God
Who was crucified for you
He took away your sins
He granted life brand new

Come to the King of Kings
Seated on His throne
Crowned with royal majesty
Worship Him alone

Come to the Lord of Lords
Make Him Lord of your life
Give Him all praise and honor
Your life a sacrifice

So often I am weak and burdened by the cares of this world.  It seems they are always thee, pestering me and robbing the time I would rather spend with my God.  Household chores, caring for the dog, getting in my exercise, eating (of course) and my workload, plus my writing, all take me away into a place where I walk alone a good part of the time.  I feel burdened to get these things done.

But Jesus said to come to Him if we are weak and heavy laden and He will give me rest.  He will satisfy my soul.  Just a few minutes with Him each day refreshes me.  My time in the morning, listening to worship and writing these meditations brings my mind and heart to Him. I am once again reminded that coming to Him is an essential part of my day and I am glad I took the time, made the time, to be in His presence.

Matthew 11:28-30  King James Version

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Just a Prayer Away

I’m often overwhelmed by what Jesus did for me
When He came to earth from heaven to die upon that tree
I did not deserve it yet He came here anyway
To show His love was just a prayer away

He took away my sins and he set my spirit free
No longer does the devil hold my final destiny
He rose up from the grave to give me eternal life
And all I had to do was make Him mine

He filled me with His Spirit which teaches me His word
The truth has been revealed to me and has become my sword
To fight off all the darts that the enemy does throw
I’m blessed because His promises I know

He brought me to deliverance from all my guilt and shame
I stand now with a peace of mind and feel no sense of blame
He taught me how to rise above offenses that do come
Now over my emotions I have won

He walks with me each day as I travel through this life
He loves me as a friend and He never leaves my side
I know that He is with me through every trial and test
And I know He always brings to me His best

What a mighty Savior
What a King of Kings
I have made Him Lord of Lords
I give Him everything
There is no place for my will
But His will I obey
And I will keep on trusting Him
Every single day

Even though I cannot figure out
Why He did this for me
I still will serve Him always
Throughout eternity
And I will lift my praises
To the one who died for me
Jesus Christ my Lord of Lords
And my King of Kings


The Believers Life

Jesus My Lord and King

When I lift up my hands
And lift up my voice in praise
I can sense your sweet spirit
And feel your amazing grace
I will honor you
And worship your holy name
Jesus you’re all to me
My loving Savior

Jesus, my Lord and King
Jesus, my everything
I will love and adore you
Bow down before you
Your praise I’ll gladly sing
Jesus my Lord and King
I love you
That’s why I offer my praise
This day