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When I Look At the Cross

When I look at the cross, I see mercy
Pouring down from the blood on His brow
All of heaven came down at that moment
To forgive to forgive me and make me His child

When I look at the cross, I see great grace
Given freely with the nails in His hands
All the riches of heaven became mine
When they He suffered and died for my shame

When I look at the cross, I am peaceful
He took all my punishment there
I don’t have to worry about storms that may come
They all crumble and vanish away

When I look at the cross, I see His love
As He gave up His life for me
All the suffering that He endured that day
Just to pardon and sanctify me

When I look at the cross I am hopeful
For eternally living with Him
I will lift up my praise and my worship
Top the Lamb who has washed all my sin

If He Loves Me

If He loves me why do I suffer
If He loves me why do I hurt
If He loves me why do the trials of my life bring trouble at every turn
If He loves me why do I tremble
at what the next day will bring
If He loves me when will He come to my side and remove all the things that sting
Isn’t it enough that He died for me to take away my sins?
Isn’t it enough that the comforter comes to settle your heart within?
All that this life will throw at you will never compare to His love
So when trials and tests try to steal all your rest
Come to Jesus for He is enough
His love is always there.  It is always a comfort, always a resting place when trouble comes.  We don’t have to wonder if he loves us if we will just look at the cross.  Look at what he went through for you.  Look at how much He suffered because he loves you.  There is no pain greater than the pain of His heart breaking when the Father turned His head and darkness covered the sky.  He had never been separated from His Father, not for all eternity past.  And yet for three hours, He was covered with sin, and the Father could not look.  That is how much Jesus loves you and me.
When trouble surround you and it seems that a temptation is too hard to bear, get that picture of the cross in your mind.  Think about Jesus on that cross.  In your minds eye look at the blood dripping down from His brow.  Look at the tears in His flesh.  Look at the nails in His feet and hands.  Look at His love poured out.  This is the image that will get you through your tests and trials.  He loved you so much that he stretched out His hands and died for you.  Isn’t that enough?  Does He really need to do any more for you to show you His love?
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him would have everlasting life.

He Did It All For Me

As I approached the cross
I could hardly look
At the body that was Christ
At the agony he bore
Tears welled up in my eyes
As I saw the crown of thorns
He took it all for me
I saw the stripes they gave’
Wrapped around His frame
I saw the nails they drove
Into His feet and hands
I saw the blood run down
How could he even talk
He did it all for me
I saw Him grasp for breath
Just enough to breathe
But suddenly He spoke
Words that pierced the air
Father forgive them
They know not what they do
With those words He forgave me and you
Forgiven.  I’m forgiven
I’m set free from guilt and shame
Forgiven.  I’m forgiven
I’m set free and I’ll praise His name
Jesus Christ my victory
He did it all for me
He did it all for you
He did it all for all.

Nowhere But The Cross

I’ve searched the whole world over to find an inner peace
I’ve travelled through the nations to find joy that would not cease
I’ve looked up to the heavens to find a hope that settled me
But I found these are nowhere but the cross
I put my trust in doctors to heal my earthly pains
I’ve worked through much exhaustion for money I could gain
I’ve been in plays and speeches to see if I’d find fame
But I found these are nowhere but the cross
The cross provides my healing
The cross provides my peace
The cross will give me joy that will never ever cease
The cross gives hope forever
And love eternally
If I want that life abundantly
There is nowhere but the cross
I’ve had dreams and premonitions that did not satisfy
All that I have wanted and all that I desire
Is to find that special place where Jesus does abide
And that is found nowhere but the cross

Down on my knees before you
Down on my knees in prayer
Lifting up holy hands
Giving you all my praise
Humbly I ask forgiveness
Honestly open my heart
Come Holy Spirit and heal me
Here at the foot of the cross

I want to find that special place
Where Jesus does abide
I know it’s found
Nowhere but the cross