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Through and Through

I can’t explain His mercy
I can’t explain His grace
I can’t explain the love He has for me
For when I was a sinner
Didn’t even know He cared
He left His throne to come and rescue me

I was lost and lonely
Drowning in despair
My life was heading down a wicked road
A still small voice then spoke
It called to me that day
I knew that there was nowhere else to go

What a wondrous Savior
What a faithful friend
That He would love me just the way I am
I knelt before the altar
I gave my life to Him
That day the road I travelled led to Him

Today I try to serve Him
With all my heart and soul
But often I will stumble and will fall
He treats me with compassion
He shows His grace to me

I understand He loves me
But I cannot explain
Why He would forgive the things I do
I’ll rest here in His mercy
I’ll rest here in His grace
Because I know He loves me through and through