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He Puts Me Back Together

Don't know how I got here
Don't know which way to go
My life is all in pieces 
I am broken and alone 

I lift my eyes to heaven
And lift my voice to pray 
For in the midst of trials 
He will make a way

He'll take the pieces of my life 
And place them one by one
Each piece makes up the puzzle
That one day will be done 

I've scattered them all over
Some are upside down 
My Lord will turn them over
The lost ones He has found

Slowly and with tender love 
The picture starts to form 
Even though I'm going through
The middle of the storm

He puts me back together
Each time I fall apart 
So, I will trust in Jesus. 
I give to Him my heart

And when the day is over 
I know His loving hand
Will put me back together
Revealing His good plan 

The Puzzle

I need your grace deep inside of me
I once was lost you set me free
I need your mercy every single day
I’m prone to wander. You show the way
Every time I fall apart
You come and put me back together
Like puzzle pieces strewn about’
My scattered life is in your hands
There is no way I can live without you
You are the one who holds me forever
You slowly find the piece I need
The picture you have always planned
I need your love so desperately
Lord hear my humble plea

BRIDGE (sing twice)
Your joy, your joy fills up my heart
Your peace, your peace does not depart
The hope you place in side of me
Brings visions of eternity