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The Believers Life

The Light of Jesus

The probing light of Jesus shines in my heart today
It dispels all the darkness and drives my doubt away
My faith is lifted upward as in His name I pray
I do not have to worry for His light is here to stay

The searching light of Jesus is in my soul today
It seeks out all my hidden thoughts and washes them away
When I turn towards His light I am more apt to obey
Then all my secrets vanish as the light is here to stay

The guiding light of Jesus is on my mind today
I know that I must watch as His word will lead the way
The lamp He leads me with will nit let me go astray
Because I know His pathway is where I want to stay

The brilliant light of Jesus displays it’s strength today
He shows up in my weakness when I take time to pray
His power overwhelms me as I struggle to obey
He comes in like a flood and then He’s here to stay

I will worship Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength
Because He sheds His light on me I follow in His way
I could not live without Him every single day
So under His anointed light I will always stay

And God said “Let there be Light, and there was Light.” This was on the first day of creation. There was day and night and it was the first day. The odd thing is that on the 4th day He created the sun, moon and stars. But isn’t it the Sun that lights the day? So what is this Light that separated the day from the night on the first day? This Light is the Word, the Truth of God. It separates light from darkness, good from evil, and sin from righteousness. It divides the soul and the spirit of man. Our soul might desire one thing, but the Light comes in and says we should do another. This is the Light
that Jesus says He is. He says He is the Light of the world. His light shines brightly on all we do, revealing the inner thoughts and intents of the heart. His Light cannot be dispelled by any darkness. His Light is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I need His Light to constantly shine into my life so that I can see who I really am. Only He can shed light on that inner man. I shut him up in darkness, behind a door. Jesus stands at the door and knocks, hoping to let His Light shine in that closed, dark room. That is the only way my sin, my darkness, can be dispelled.

How much darkness is in your life today? How many rooms have you closed off to Him. Let His Light shine into all your inner chambers, bringing with it the freedom that only Christ can bring. Then you will find true peace and joy. Then you will experience the love of Christ as it is meant to be.

1 John 1:7
7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

I Love the Light

I love the light that shines on me
It helps my eyes to plainly see
God’s creation given to me
I love the light that shines on me

I love the light that shines in me
Revealing things that hinder me
Dispelling dark and setting free
I love the light that shines in me

I love the light that shines through me
Showing the way so others see
The love of God can set them free
I love the light that shines through me

Is God’s great light alive in you
Does His abiding love shine through
Give Him your all and His will do
Make sure His light shines bright in you

You Are My Way

You are my way
My only way to heaven
It is a narrow way
A straight way
Following this way is hard
It requires discipline
And obedience
The world prefers the broad way
Where they can make their own rules
Follow their own path
Do their own thing
They think they are doing good
But they are headed for destruction
You are the way
The way that was blocked in Genesis
By Cherubim and Seraphim
The way to the Tree of Life
Eternal life
There is no other way
Jesus is my way
He is your way
Follow Him
Let Him lead you every day
Let His words guide you
Let His Spirit show you where to step
One step at a time
His footprints and yours
Or sometimes just His
When He carries you
I will trust Him every step
I will follow His rules
I will give Him my life
As a living sacrifice
For He is my way