His Love Will Always Come Through

I sing of the mercy and the grace of Jesus
How He gives them freely and changes my life
My provider my protector my refuge and fortress
My shelter in storm and in darkness my light

I sing of His peace and His joy overflowing
How He gives me hope that fills up my soul
He calms all my doubts and takes worry away
His plan for my future will be evermore

But it’s His love His sweet love that I cherish
A love that is lasting and true
Even if I should fail
Or if I should fall
His love will always come through

I sing of the Spirit He gives me abundant
The Comforter sweet that’s always beside
He teaches me truth and leads me through trouble
In times of decision He is my guide

I can depend on all of these things
No matter what my come or go
His great faithfulness will be my comfort
Everywhere I go

But it’s His love His sweet love that I cherish
A love that is lasting and true
Even if I should fail
Or if I should fall
His love will always come through
Even if I should fail
Or if I should fall
His love will always come through


I Chose Jesus

When I was young I made a lot of choices
Some good, some bad and some fell in between
I really didn’t know
Which way that I should go
I wandered through my life quite aimlessly

Through drugs and alcohol my journey took me
Wild women and a lot of lonely nights
I couldn’t find my way
Sank lower every day
Until I couldn’t see the dark from light

Then an old friend invited me to visit
Across the country travelling I went
It’s then I met his friend
On whom he did depend
I made a choice that’s been mine ever since

I chose Jesus
From a missionaries’ words
I chose Jesus
He convinced me I was lost
I chose Jesus
I had no desire to live my life that way
I chose Jesus
He has filled me with His love
I chose Jesus
His sweet spirit leads the way
I chose Jesus
Now I choose Him each and every day

Now I have a wife and family beside me
Many friends encourage me along the way
With Jesus as my choice
He is my inner voice
I strive to take in very word He says

I choose Jesus
As the one that I will love
I choose Jesus
He will guide me from above
I choose Jesus
I will follow Him wherever He may lead
I choose Jesus
Won’t you come along with me
I choose Jesus
Make Him the one you seek
I choose Jesus
He will fill all your desires and your needs

Oh, Man, Turn to Me

I was walking on the beach
In a dream I had last night
Soft sand under my feet
As the waves crashed in

Then I heard the spirit speak to me
With the still small voice of God
“Hear the waves praise my name?
Hear them never cease to shout?
Loud and free.”

Then I traveled in my dream
To a meadow lined with trees
Just before the day dawned
As the birds chirp in glee

Then I heard the spirit speak to me
With the still small voice of God
“Hear the birds praise my name?
Hear them fill the air with song?
So beautifully.”

Nature sings my praise all day
From wind to rain to streams
I long to hear the voice of man
Joining in their song

My crowning achievement
I gave him all of this
All of nature is at his disposal
All he needs is provided
Just like the birds and beasts
Just like the flowers and trees
Yet man does not praise me
But mocks me, scorns me, blames me

All I do is love him
I gave my son to set him free
I gave the spirit to guide him
Yet he chooses to remain lost
To remain by himself
Trying to figure life out
Trying to make it on his owns
Turning to things unknown
Harmful things, deadly things

Oh, man, turn to me
Lift up my name
Sing aloud my praise
I will lift you up
I will set you free
I will guide you through this world
Because I love you
I always have
I always will

Oh, man, turn to me
Join natures praise
Join the thankful chorus
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Emmanuel
For I am with you
Watching over you

Do You Understand?

In high school I took languages
French and Spanish you know
Today I may still know some words
But to translate I’d be a no show

Now I can open my Bible
I read the words of my Lord
And His Spirit helps me to know
What blessings He has in store

I do not need a translator
To know what He has to say
Because He is living inside me
He speaks to me every day

In response to the daily prompt Translate

Lonely People

I walk into the church here in Iowa
Waiting for the choir to begin
I settled into the back of you as I always do
As an elderly gentleman walks in


I have seen him here before, but it had been a while
His appearance seems to drive some folks away
I was sitting on the pew on the other side
As the congregation starts to sing God’s praise


Why are there so many lonely people
In a country where so many claim to know
That Christ came for the Lost
And He paid such a cost
Now our mission is His love to show


As I sang I couldn’t help but notice him
Tears were welling up with in his eyes
His feeble voice did lift his praise to Christ the King
I sensed His heart was breaking inside


The worship service came to a mighty end
In the sermon was inspiring to all
As the pastor gave an altar call prepared that day
The old man slowly rose and went aisle


Why are there so many lonely people
In a country where so many claim to know
That Christ came for the Lost
And He paid such a cost
Now our mission is His love to show


A sudden urge came over me to join him there
So I went and knelt beside him for a while
He was weeping as he bowed his head in silent prayer

Then he turned and looked at me with a smile


He said “Son, my wife passed on 5 years ago

And I was blaming God that she was gone

But this morning I awoke and felt the Holy Spirit call

And I knew that God had loved me all along


I hadn’t been to church

For all those many years

And when I heard the choir sing, I was so blessed

For God to still love me

When I had turned on Him

Overwhelmed me and brought me to His rest


We left the church that morning as friends

And vowed that we would keep in touch through time

I thanked the Lord He’d given me this day to realize

That a simple deed can change a person’s life


Let’s all try to look for lonely people

And ask the Lord what he would have us do

His mission is the same

His love will never change

He desire is to reach them through you

Child of the King

Only through Christ the blessings flow

Only through Christ will I ever know

The promise from Heaven He bestows

To all who call on His name


He bought me at such a great price

By becoming my precious sacrifice

Paying the debt of sin in my life

So that now I am redeemed


His blood wiped away all my sin

Now God will never bring it up again

It’s just as if I’d never sinned

Justified by His blood


No longer will sickness rule in my life

Because I am healed by the horrible stripes

Now I claim victory when evils rise

Delivered from pain and disease


My mind is now free from doubt and fear

The thorns that he wore brought a covering here

Now I can now he will always be near

Peace and Joy flood my life today


He opened the way to heaven for me

He calls me His son, and He says I am free

He sets me apart because I believed

Sanctified through the cross


He’s there for me in good times or bad

Giving me guidance that I never had

His Holy Spirit shows me His plan

To prosper my life every day


From now on I’ll praise Him with all of my heart

I’ll sing out my worship, I’ll never depart

His precious love has set me apart

I am a child of the King

My Source

When I thirst I need a fountain

When I am sad I need more joy

When I’m in turmoil peace will comfort me

When I have doubts I turn to faith

When I seem lost I can’t lose hope

When I feel down, love is what I need


There are times my life gets dry and hard

I just wallow in the dust

It is in these times the living water flows

You’re my source for strength in battle

As you quench my thirsting soul

I can feel the Holy Spirit in me grow


When life brings situations

That bring sadness to my life

I can count on you for overwhelming joy

You’re my source for inspiration

When the burden gets to hard

I can count on you to make my spirit soar


In days of great confusion

When I don’t know where to turn

I know that your sweet peace will comfort me

You’re my source for calm assurance

That all things will turn out good

And I’ll rest in the abundance of your peace


There are times my doubts take over

And I wonder where to turn

Then I read your word and faith is lifted high

You’re my source for truth and wisdom

In the times I trust my flesh

You renew the faith that gives eternal life


In this world of greed and power

It is easy to get turned

From the hope you have instilled within my heart

You’re my source for all the future

I can know heaven’s my home

And forever my abode will not depart


Your love is so amazing

Your love is so divine

It sought me out when I was full of sin

You’re me source for loving others

The way that you loved me

Help me, Lord, to keep your love within