My Thankful Song

I take some time this morning 

To write a song for you

A song of thanks for all you’ve done for me 
And in this song I lift my voice
And give you all the praise
Your love inspired this new melody

Thank you, Lord, for giving up
Your royal,  heavenly throne 
To come down to this earth
Only to die alone

Thank you for your courage
To fulfill your Father’s plan 
Beaten and rejected 
Yet you didn’t lift a hand

Thank you that you died for me
To take away my sin 
Thank you that you rose again
So in heaven I will sing

Thank you for your mercy
That forgives me when I fall
Thank you for your grace
That supplies me for the call

Thank you for your joy
Thank you for your peace 
Thank you for the hope
You’ve forever given me

Thank you for your love 
That’s always there for me
Thank you for your Spirit
That guides and comforts me

The list of things to thank you for
Goes on and on and on
I bring it to a close right now 
And end this thankful song.

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