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Will You?

Will you walk with me today?
Will you talk with me today?
Will you listen and hear the words I will speak?
Will you spend just a moment with me?
Will you pray for a friend today?
Will you help out a stranger in need?
Will you speak words of faith to a soul who’s in doubt?
Will you be what I want you to be?
I have given you this day
Every minute is a gift of grace
I pray you don’t waste it
But please make the most of it
Follow my will today
Will you walk in my way, not yours?
Will you speak my words, not yours?
Will you take all your thoughts captive to me?
Will you truly be set free?
Every breath you breathe is from me
Everything you see is from me
Make the most of this day by being a friend
Finding and meeting their needs
I truly believe that every day God gives us opportunity to minister to someone, and often we don’t recognize that opening when it comes.  When a person starts talking to you and tells you that there is a problem in their life, do you take time right then and there to pray?  I have a habit of saying that I will pray for them ,but don’t always take the time to pray while I am with them.  While Jesus was on this earth, the bible is very clear that He prayed for everyone that came to Him, and they were all healed.  Now, I am obviously not Jesus, but I believe if I walked in this kind of faith, more people would see the healing power of God.  Not because I am praying, but because I extended faith to them so they could believe.
The most precious gift we have is our time!  We must utilize it more for Him and less for ourselves.  We all have daily tasks that take up precious minutes in our day.  But taking a minute or two to pray with someone at the time we are with them should be a  flexibility we will have.  May we all take this precious gift and share it with others.  We can change the world one person at a time!
James 5:16b King James Version
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Little Old Me

You’ll go to great lengths to bring me home
When I’ve lost my way and am alone
You’ll scale the highest mountain
Or swim the widest sea
Just to come find little old me
You see, I have a tendency to wander
And you have a love that’s fonder
So when I’ve turned to doubt
All you have shown me
You come rescue little old me
I know you’re my Savior.  I know you’re my friend
I know I can trust you.  Your love will not end
But little old me still wanders away
My heart is so glad that your love never fails
Lord help me when I seem to drift
Keep me afloat in the ship
The storm rages strong
In my own troubles sea
Send your peace to little old me
No height. No depth.  No distance too far
No height. No depth,  No distance too far
No height. No depth.  No distance too far
For your love to find me.  Your love will find me
Your love will find little old me

Into Your Hands

Into your hand I commit my mind
Help me to think only on you
Help me to set my eyes on you
Help me to value my time

Into your hands I commit my strength
Help me to walk only with you
Help me to do the best I can do
Help me to redeem my time

Into your hands I commit my heart
Help me to turn only to you
Help me to walk away from my sin
Help me to savor my time

Into your hands I commit my life
Help me to know I am yours
You purchased me by the blood on the cross
Help me give you all my time

Who do I think I am? Am I someone extra special who is allowed the liberty to do whatever I want with my time? That’s the way the world looks at time. They look at it as their own possession, to be used and wasted on their own pursuits. Some serve God with a bit of their time, using the rest to make their own dreams and passions a reality. Some do not know God and they take time to do whatever their heart desires. Most people use their time on what they want, not considering what God wants them to do.

I don’t want to be in that crowd. I want to do what God wants me to do. To use every minutes for His glory. Maybe it’s business I need to do. Am I seeking His plan for my day or am I aimlessly walking through my plan for the day. In my devotions and writing, am I seeking His counsel or just trusting my own ability? Am I exercises for the right reasons? Is God in the center and not of to the side somewhere?

I am done wasting time. Time is on of the most precious gifts God has given us, and we should give it all back top Him. Doing our best all the time because He is right there with us. He knows when I waste even a minute. He knows what I should be doing next and whispers in my ear all the time to guide me through this life. I need to listen better!. I need to give my life into His hand so He can hold onto my right hand!

Psalm 73:23
Nevertheless, I am continually with thee, thou that holdest me by my right hand

Come Light My Fire

All that I am is yours
All of my heart. All of my soul
All that I am is yours
Jesus you are my Lord

All that I want is you
All that my life requires
All that I want is you
Jesus, my heart’s desire

Come and fill my Spirit
With your amazing love
Come with your mercy
Come with your grace
Come light my fire
Come light my fire

I’ll worship you with all me heart
I’ll lift my hands and sing your praise
The hallelujahs ring out loud
I magnify your name
I magnify your name
I magnify your name
Jesus. Jesus

I need Him so desperately. It seems every day brings a new trial, a new test. There is seemingly no end that my enemy won’t stoop to in trying to lure me away from my only hope. The old song says “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.” This has always been true and it will always be true. God gave the hymn writer these words so that I might remember this truth. If I want my hope renewed, my spirit restored, my heart feeling loved and my soul satisfied then I need Jesus. I need Him every hour of every day. I need Him no matter where I go or where I do. I need Him leading and guiding me into the pastures he has for me. I know that wherever he leads me, good will come out of it. I don’t need to worry or fret. He is the one whom I must seek. He is my fortress and my stronghold.

Where do you stand today? Do you stand on the solid rock? Or are you stuck in the miry clay. Are you facing a fiery furnace or is there a sea blocking your path? Wherever you are in life right now, I promise He will hear you if you call out today. Make Him Lord of your life. Give Him complete control. Let Him light the fire within you that only He can light. Lift His name up high, and He will lift you as well.

Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV)
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

In Your Presence

I look up at the stars and wonder why you are
So in love with me
You send your spirit down to follow me around
He is there eternally

In your presence there is peace
In your presence there is joy abundantly
I can rest every day in your presence
In your presence

All my life you have been near lending me an ear
You know my every prayer
You give shelter in the storm and shade when life gets warm
In troubles you are there

In your presence there is hope
In your presence truth I know
I can rest every day in your presence
In your presence

What a wonderful truth to know
That you’ll always be by my side
What a wonderful gift you give
Your sweet Spirit will abide with me

I will rest in your presence
I will rest in your presence
I will rest in your presence
Every day

Why do worry and doubt even come into my life when I know that Jesus is right there with me. He can calm every storm, heal every wound, cast out every demon, give life to every dead gift and deliver me from any enemy, When I have Jesus as my friend, He is always with me, always watching over me, always providing for me, always protecting me and always listening to my prayers. He told us that he would never leave us or forsake us, so why do we go through the uncertainties that crowd out our faith. Feel His presence there with you and block out the endless trash talk of the enemy. Only there will you find true peace and joy.

2 Corinthians 3:17 King James Version
17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Your Name Is Worthy

He is with me fighting all my battles
He is with me calming every storm
He is with me in the midst of danger
He is with me when I feel alone

Oh my God how great is your name
Lifted high above all else
Oh my God your name is worthy
To be raised.  To be praised

Jesus, mighty Savior
Jesus Lamb of God
Bore my sin a failures
On the cross.  On the cross

He is with me when I bow before Him
He is with me when I cry in prayer
He is with me when my hands are lifted
He is with me when I give my praise

Oh my God how great is your name
Lifted high above all else
Oh my God your name is worthy
To be raised. To be praised

Jesus, My redeemer
Rose up from the grave
Coming back in all His glory
All of heaven praise His name

I never have to wonder where Jesus is.  I never have to worry is He will  hear my cry.  I never have to worry if He will come and rescue me from the storms and trials of life.  He is always ready, willing and able to help me in any situation.  When I cry out to Him, He always hears me and He will always answer. It may not be the answer I am looking for, but it will be the best answer for my situation.  When I am weary, He may tell me to praise Him.  When I am in financial trouble, He may tell me to give.  When I need help, He may tell me to help my neighbor.  When storms come He may tell me to run into them, not away from them. He always knows what is best for me, for He is the one who formed me in my mother’s womb.  He knows everything about me and every thought I have.  He is never caught by surprise when I turn away from Him and He always knows what it will take to bring me back. He is always merciful always patient, always kind.  What an awesome God we serve!

Jeremiah 33:3 King James Version (KJV)
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

He Shows Up

Though I’ve fallen once again on this journey
I’ve forgotten how to pick myself up
So I cry out to the Lord in my trouble
He shows up. He shows up

It’s amazing that in spite of my failure
He still loves me just the way I am
Every time I need a boost from my Savior
He shows up. He show up

He shows up when I am weary
He shows up when I am down
He shows up when I am reeling
In my fog of sin and doubt
He shows up and leans down to me
He shows up and lifts me out
When I cry out to the Lord
He shows up

I will do my best to follow in His ways
He has shown me what the best path is
I know that if I slip and fall again
He’ll show up. He’ll show up


All I have to do is cry out to Him
All I have to do is say His name
He will come and lift me out of trouble
He will come to save the day


Not A Day Goes By

Oh Lord, how I need your power
Lord, how I need your strength
Oh Lord, how I need your wisdom
Every day
Every day

Oh Lord, how need your mercy
Lord, how I need your grace
Oh Lord, how I need the Spirit
Every day
Every day

Not a day goes by that I don’t need you
Showing me the way
Not a day goes by that I don’t get down
On my knees and pray
Not a day goes by that I don’t fall
You’re there to pick me up
You are with me
Every day
Right beside me
Every day

Christmas Poetry

He Waits For Me

He waits for me
In the silence of the morning
As the sun is slowly rising
The gilded clouds are shining
The birds are loudly singing
The dark quickly dispelling
The dew is gently falling
As all the earth is waking
He waits for me

He waits for me
As life just gets to busy
My faith starts to get lazy
My doubt is rising slowly
The fear of failure lures me
The troubles loom around me
I’m not all I should be
I ifeel as if He’d left me
He waits for me

He waits for me
Full of hope I’ll find my way
Full or mercy for me day
Love that drives all fear away
He waits for me

Slowly I begin to rise
Lift my praise up to the skies
Loft my head and set
my eyes
Upon Him waiting there

Then His peace comes over me
Peace that calms my raging seas
Back where I have longed to be
Beside my Lord and King

I know in your darkest hour
His love draws you by gracious power
I pray that you will find this true
He’s waiting there for you


I can see Him
in the brilliance of the sunrise
in the gilded skies at dawn
in the colors of the rainbow
in the evenings glorious yawn
I can see Him in the stars above
I can see Him in the bird that fly
I can see Him in the leaves that fall
I can see Him everywhere

I can feel Him
in the gentle breeze of spring bring
in the stream that gently flows
in the warmth of summer sun
in the cold of winter snow
I can feel Him in the rain that falls
I can feel Him in the birds that fly
I can feel Him in the still and calm
I can feel Him everywhere

I can hear Him
in the thunder from the storm
in the cooing of a dove
in the howl of the Wolf
in the stillness of His love
I can hear Him when I still myself
I can hear Him when I’m restless
I can hear Him in my sorrow that
I can hear Him everywhere

I can touch Him
in the questions of my prayers
n the times I speak His name
in the showers of His grace
in the words uttered in faith
I can touch Him every moment
I can touch Him in my troubles
I can touch Him when I’m lonely
I can touch Him anytime

I can feel His presence everywhere
He’s given me these senses so I could know He’s there
I use them every day
To guide me on my way
Let my mouth declare
My eyes behold
My ears be witness
My Spirit touch
The Glory of the Lord
It’s everywhere