The Assignment

 What is my assignment Lord
 To carry out today
 What can I do to please you
 To show others your way
 I want to be a shining light
 In this world today
 Tell me what your plan is Lord
 Give me words to say
 It’s simple son says Jesus
 My plan is in my word
 Take time to read your Bible
 Take time to observe
 Then do the thing it tells you
 Do all that you have heard
 My Spirit speaks each day to you
 Revealing all my words
 Pray unceasingly, my child
 Pray for those in need
 Speak with words of grace
 Plant redeeming seeds
 Lay your hands on those who hurt
 Free them of dis-ease
 Walk in true humility
 Be a friend in deed
 Stay away from evil
 Cleave to what is good
 Be a friend to all 
 Who are misunderstood
 Be a shining light
 To break the darkest moods
 Show joy and peace at all times
 Let your words be good
 The assignment here is simple
 You can do it every day
 Walk with Jesus daily
 In His holy way
 Then you will see a world
 That’s full of truth and grace
 Be a beacon of His love
 And give Him all the praise

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