The temperature goes where nobody knows
Unpredictable highs followed by lows
Even experts predict as part of a show
But they only prove that they do not know

My days seem to bounce up and down like a ball
One day I am happy, the next sorrow for all
I try to pick up, but find that I fall
I can’t even hear when my Savior does call

And others seem likely to be just the same
It’s like being different is some kind of game
One day they smile and the next they give blame
I never do know if they’re crazy or sane

But there is one thing that is constant and true
The love of my Savior will always come through
His friendship is there in the midst of the storm
He’ll walk with my daily and help keep me calm

He brings the sun up and sets it back down
He places the stars and He waters the ground
He causes the waves to come back to the shore
He brings the lightning and thunder that roars

His grace always covers my multiple sins
His mercy comes running and soothes me within
I can’t walk a step where His peace stays behind
And the joy that He gives will never run dry

Oh, the great love of Jesus is kind and it’s real
He’s faithful to be there when life takes a spill
He’ll always uphold me and always defend
His love is constant all the way to the end

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