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I wandered in darkness for so many years
Full of myself yet empty with fear
My life was a mess my eyes filled with tears
What did I do to myself

Every pleasure my heart would desire
So many riches my flesh would require
Whatever my soul longed for transpired
What have I done to myself

I looked for an answer in so many places
Tried to find love with so many faces
But never did I find a thing that replaces
What I have done to myself

I heard of a love that never would die
A love that would save one such as I
A love that would take away all the lies
That I always told myself

I turned to this man who came from above
I came to this man who had all this love
When I cam to Him He was enough
For me to turn from myself

He brought me into His wonderful Light
My life turned to day from the dark of the night
I knew He had come to transform my life
Because I couldn’t do it myself

Oh what a wonderful Savior is He
Oh what a miracle He did for me
Jesus my Lord brought me to my knees
He took me out of myself

I am no longer bound to my sin
I now have joy and peace within
With Him I know I always will win
Because I’ve given Him my self


Inner Peace

I still remember when I came to Jesus
And asked Him to forgive all of my sin
He did not hesitate
To wash me clean that day
I felt His peace sweep over me within

And since that day I’ve even grown much fonder
Of what my Savior did for me that day
It was so long ago
Yet it still seems as though
Each day my heart is cleansed once again

I need Him every day
I need Him so I pray
Each day I ask Him to renew my vow
I need His joy and peace
His love will never cease
To fill my heart with all that He bestows

I hope that you have asked Jesus to save you
And wipe away the sin that’s in your life
Repent of all today
Let Jesus guide your way
He died as your redeeming sacrifice

By His grace He saved you
By His grace He gave you
Freedom from the sin that troubled you
By His mercy He
Will bring you inner peace
Just ask Him in your heart today

Precious Lord and Savior
I fall down at your feet
Please let me stay here for eternity
You are all I could want
All that my heart desires
My Lord of Life how I love you so

Just a Prayer Away

I’m often overwhelmed by what Jesus did for me
When He came to earth from heaven to die upon that tree
I did not deserve it yet He came here anyway
To show His love was just a prayer away

He took away my sins and he set my spirit free
No longer does the devil hold my final destiny
He rose up from the grave to give me eternal life
And all I had to do was make Him mine

He filled me with His Spirit which teaches me His word
The truth has been revealed to me and has become my sword
To fight off all the darts that the enemy does throw
I’m blessed because His promises I know

He brought me to deliverance from all my guilt and shame
I stand now with a peace of mind and feel no sense of blame
He taught me how to rise above offenses that do come
Now over my emotions I have won

He walks with me each day as I travel through this life
He loves me as a friend and He never leaves my side
I know that He is with me through every trial and test
And I know He always brings to me His best

What a mighty Savior
What a King of Kings
I have made Him Lord of Lords
I give Him everything
There is no place for my will
But His will I obey
And I will keep on trusting Him
Every single day

Even though I cannot figure out
Why He did this for me
I still will serve Him always
Throughout eternity
And I will lift my praises
To the one who died for me
Jesus Christ my Lord of Lords
And my King of Kings


My Story

This is my story
How God came from glory
To save an old sinner like me
He gave His life
As my sacrifice
So from sin I would be set free

Now I rejoice
For I hear His voice
Guiding me every day
His peace goes with me
His Word I believe
From His plan I never will stray

Wonderful Savior
Glorious Lord
Keep me in your loving arms
Grant me your grace
So I’ll see your face
That day when the trumpet alarms

I lift up my praise
To your merciful name
I lift my song up to you
With all that I am
With worship I stand
Singing Jesus I’ll always love you