Lay Your Burdens Down

 Early morning, waiting
 To hear the voice of God
 Calling to me deep within my heart
 Listening so intently
 For the Spirit's call
 Suddenly His voice comes like a shout
 I am here to heal you
 Lay your burdens down
 Let me touch you where it hurts the most
 I am here to save you
 Give me everything
 Let me hold you in my loving arms
 I hear Him calling, longing
 To draw me close to Him
 So he can speak so gently in my ear
 I slowly turn to greet Him
 Into my life this day
 And then I hear Him speak some words of cheer
 I am here to rescue
 Take you from your trials
 Bring you into freedom from your flesh
 Let me overwhelm you
 Fill you with my grace
 Give you faith to overcome your fears
 Finally I yield to Him
 Peace does flood my soul
 The world and all its trials fades away
 I'm leaning on His bosom
 He holds me in His arms
 I'm ready to go out and face the day
 For He has come and spoken
 Truth into my life
 That He is with everywhere I go
 And I can rest assured
 That He is always mine
 And in His loving hands I find my home.

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