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Lay Your Burdens Down

 Early morning, waiting
 To hear the voice of God
 Calling to me deep within my heart
 Listening so intently
 For the Spirit's call
 Suddenly His voice comes like a shout
 I am here to heal you
 Lay your burdens down
 Let me touch you where it hurts the most
 I am here to save you
 Give me everything
 Let me hold you in my loving arms
 I hear Him calling, longing
 To draw me close to Him
 So he can speak so gently in my ear
 I slowly turn to greet Him
 Into my life this day
 And then I hear Him speak some words of cheer
 I am here to rescue
 Take you from your trials
 Bring you into freedom from your flesh
 Let me overwhelm you
 Fill you with my grace
 Give you faith to overcome your fears
 Finally I yield to Him
 Peace does flood my soul
 The world and all its trials fades away
 I'm leaning on His bosom
 He holds me in His arms
 I'm ready to go out and face the day
 For He has come and spoken
 Truth into my life
 That He is with everywhere I go
 And I can rest assured
 That He is always mine
 And in His loving hands I find my home.


Now is the time for deliverance
Out of my sin into your grace
No other power below of above
Can separate me from your love

Now is the time. This is the place
Bowing before you I seek your grace
I want to look into your face
No other time but now
I humbly bow

Now is the time healing will rise
My pain is gone and I feel alive
Coming before you down on my knees
My prayer before you. You meet my needs


Now is the time salvation comes
Through your spilled blood the victory won
Heaven above will shout out their praise
Honoring you by lifting your name

Jesus, my Lord. Jesus, my Lord. Jesus, my Lord. I praise you now


Jesus Rescues All

When the storms of life are gathered
When the waves rise up and fall
When it seems they’ll pull me under
Jesus rescues all

When the miry clay surrounds me
When there seems no hope at all
When I’ve floundered in my failure
Jesus rescues all

From the ashes He has pulled me
From the place my faith dissolved
From my wandering in darkness
Jesus rescues all

From my sin that long beset me
From a life that found no calm
From my doubt and disillusion
Jesus rescues all

Now I find myself in His arms
He’s become my all in all
We can have this bles’sed assurance
Jesus rescues all.

Sometimes we forget who God is. We get into tough situations and can’t seem to find our way out. No matter how hard we try, the trials and tests seem to stay with us. We get impatient and lose hope. We wander in a sea of doubt and sorrow, thinking God has abandoned us.

Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us. He said we would have tribulation, but that we should take courage for He has overcome the world. He is the one who rescued Joseph out of Pharaohs’ hand and exalted him above the nation. He is the one who brought Israel through the Red Sea and buried the Egyptians in that same sea. He is the one who parted the Jordan river for Joseph and knocked down the walls of Jericho. He is the one who gave Samson the strength to bring down the house on the Philistines. He is the one who guided the stone out of David’s’ sling to bring down Goliath. He brought Daniel out of the lion’s den, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego out of the fiery furnace and Jonah out of the belly of a whale. He called Peter from his fishing boat and made him a pillar in the church. He knocked Saul off his horse on the road to Damascus and made him a great apostle. Do you think you’re problem is too big for God? Trust Him. Wait on Him. Believe in Him. Call on His name and He will answer.

Isaiah 41:10 King James Version (KJV)
10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Then Came Jesus

I was wallowing in my sin
Captured by fear and doubt
There was nothing that I could do
To save myself

My eyes were dimmed to the light
And darkness was all I knew
Then I realized I had to trust
In someone else

Then came Jesus
Running to me
Showing me what
I could be
Light filled my path
His word warmed my heart
Precious Savior
Came to me

Now I open my eyes to see
All the mercy that he showed me
I’m in awe of His love for me
Every day

He saved me when I was lost
Gave His life on a rugged cross
I’m so glad that He paid the cost
He made a way

I saw Jesus
Running to me
Picking me up
When I was down
Cleaning me off
Leading the way
Setting my feet
On solid ground

Oh what a Savior
Oh what a friend
Loves me to
The very end
Pardons my sin
Fills me with hope
Peace fills my soul
Joy never ends

Then came Jesus
Running to me
Showing me what
I could be
Light filled my path
His word warmed my heart
Precious Savior
Came to me

The Lord

The Lord is my strong tower
A refuge from the storm
When danger lurks about me
He keeps me from all harm

The Lord is my deliverer
When I call on His name
The enemy will flee from me
If I will seek His face

The Lord is my redeemer
My sin He has erased
Forever I will trust in Him
I’ll give Him all my praise

The Lord will fight my battles
When I obey His word
As long as I am seeking Him
His promises endure

The Lord is strong and mighty
The Lord is always near
The Lord will calm my doubts
The Lord will squash my fear

The Lord does reign forever
The Lord is above all
The Lord is King of Heaven
The Lord still hears my call

I will shout and sing
The praises of my king
For He will be my guide
He’s always at my side

What a precious Savior
The one that I adore
He showers me grace
Oh how I love the Lord

Just a Prayer Away

I’m often overwhelmed by what Jesus did for me
When He came to earth from heaven to die upon that tree
I did not deserve it yet He came here anyway
To show His love was just a prayer away

He took away my sins and he set my spirit free
No longer does the devil hold my final destiny
He rose up from the grave to give me eternal life
And all I had to do was make Him mine

He filled me with His Spirit which teaches me His word
The truth has been revealed to me and has become my sword
To fight off all the darts that the enemy does throw
I’m blessed because His promises I know

He brought me to deliverance from all my guilt and shame
I stand now with a peace of mind and feel no sense of blame
He taught me how to rise above offenses that do come
Now over my emotions I have won

He walks with me each day as I travel through this life
He loves me as a friend and He never leaves my side
I know that He is with me through every trial and test
And I know He always brings to me His best

What a mighty Savior
What a King of Kings
I have made Him Lord of Lords
I give Him everything
There is no place for my will
But His will I obey
And I will keep on trusting Him
Every single day

Even though I cannot figure out
Why He did this for me
I still will serve Him always
Throughout eternity
And I will lift my praises
To the one who died for me
Jesus Christ my Lord of Lords
And my King of Kings


He’s the Best

He’s the best
He can pass any test
He’s above all the rest
He’s the best

When I need healing
When life is reeling
When sins appealing
He’s the best

When peace is gone
When I’m alone
When life goes wrong
He’s the best

He’s the best for my soil
The best for my spirit
The best for the depths of my heart
He’s the best for my health
The best for deliverance
The best for my days from the start

So I’ll trust in Jesus
I’ll run to Him
I’ll give my life to Him
Make Him my Lord
Because when all is done
He’s the best