I wandered in darkness for so many years
Full of myself yet empty with fear
My life was a mess my eyes filled with tears
What did I do to myself

Every pleasure my heart would desire
So many riches my flesh would require
Whatever my soul longed for transpired
What have I done to myself

I looked for an answer in so many places
Tried to find love with so many faces
But never did I find a thing that replaces
What I have done to myself

I heard of a love that never would die
A love that would save one such as I
A love that would take away all the lies
That I always told myself

I turned to this man who came from above
I came to this man who had all this love
When I cam to Him He was enough
For me to turn from myself

He brought me into His wonderful Light
My life turned to day from the dark of the night
I knew He had come to transform my life
Because I couldn’t do it myself

Oh what a wonderful Savior is He
Oh what a miracle He did for me
Jesus my Lord brought me to my knees
He took me out of myself

I am no longer bound to my sin
I now have joy and peace within
With Him I know I always will win
Because I’ve given Him my self


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