Inner Peace

I still remember when I came to Jesus
And asked Him to forgive all of my sin
He did not hesitate
To wash me clean that day
I felt His peace sweep over me within

And since that day I’ve even grown much fonder
Of what my Savior did for me that day
It was so long ago
Yet it still seems as though
Each day my heart is cleansed once again

I need Him every day
I need Him so I pray
Each day I ask Him to renew my vow
I need His joy and peace
His love will never cease
To fill my heart with all that He bestows

I hope that you have asked Jesus to save you
And wipe away the sin that’s in your life
Repent of all today
Let Jesus guide your way
He died as your redeeming sacrifice

By His grace He saved you
By His grace He gave you
Freedom from the sin that troubled you
By His mercy He
Will bring you inner peace
Just ask Him in your heart today

Precious Lord and Savior
I fall down at your feet
Please let me stay here for eternity
You are all I could want
All that my heart desires
My Lord of Life how I love you so

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