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My King Forever

He is my all

My everything

He is the Lord

The King of Kings

He is my Rock

So now I sing

Praises to His name


He is the Lamb

Who gave His life

He came to be

My sacrifice

He rose to give

Eternal Life

I will praise His name


All glory and honor and power

Be unto His name

He is my King forever

He’ll always be the same

I lift His name

His wonderful name

I lift His name

His glorious name

I lift His name

The mighty name of Jesus, Jesus


He sits in heaven

He watches o‘er me

He sends the angels

To set guard by me

He will return

And take me home

To a mansion He prepared


I can no longer contain the praises of my lips

I have to shout from the mountains the love He has to give

So now I will sing at the top of my voice

In Jesus name I‘ll forever rejoice

I’ll sing His praise as long as I shall live


All glory and honor and power

Be unto His name

He is my King forever

He’ll always be the same

I lift His name

His wonderful name

I lift His name

His glorious name

I lift His name

The mighty name of Jesus, Jesus

Songs From Above

I sing my songs to Jesus.  Love songs just for Him

He purchased my salvation, so to Him my praise I bring

Songs of joy and gladness are in my heart today

He leads me by His truth and daily lights my way


I love the book of hymns that were written long ago

Amazing Grace, He’s Alive, It is Well With My Soul

I also like the new music so abundant out today

There’s a rising up in worship that I hope won’t go away


But more than anything I love the songs he gives to me

In middle of the night He opens up my eyes to sing

I sit down very calmly and he gives me every word

Then I put the rhythm to it, and His story is now heard


I’ll give you some examples of the words to these new songs

The melody you’ll have to guess, as a video I don’t have

I hope these words will touch your lives as they have touched mine

If nothing else I hope your blessed by the nice poetic rhyme


Song #1  I Want to Thank You Lord


I want to thank you, Lord, for your mercy in my life

I want to thank you Lord, for your great sacrifice

You have given me your all

Help me give my all to you

I want to thank you, Lord  (This part is sung three times)


You deserve the highest praise

You deserve the highest praise

You deserve the highest praise

My heart can give (This part is sung twice, then close with the first part)


Song #2  We Lift You Up


(softly and soulfully)

As we come into your presence

And we turn our hearts to you

We out aside our care if earthly things

We have come to seek your kingdom

And we long for righteousness

Precious Lord, we want to glorify your name


We lift you up, we lift you up

We lift you up, Oh Lord, and praise your holy name

We lift you up, we lift you up

Come and draw us near to you, we lift you up (back to top first time through)


(with much enthusiasm)

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah to the Lord

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah to the Lord (Back to we lift you up, with gusto!)


There’s a few examples of the songs He’s given me

There are hundreds more He’s blessed me with

I hope He never stops waking me in dead of night

To share with me these love songs I can give

Start With Praise

If you want to have
A great day
I suggest that you
Start with praise
God is worthy of
Every word you have to say
Maybe music is
What you need
To get out of bed
On your feet
Set your radio
So your heart awakes to beat
Because praise will
Lift your spirit
Worship will
calm your worries
Putting Him first
Will bring you peace
So put your
Whole heart in it
Don’t let your world
Or your duties
Crowd out the praise
That puts your mind at ease
Singing Hallelujahs
Glory to the King
Lord of Everything
Glory,  glory
Savior of the world
Glory, glory
Giver of the word
Holy, holy
Perfect sacrifice
Holy, holy
Died to give me life
Loud Hosannas
Rose again that day
Loud Hosannas
Gave us power to pray
So many ways to praise Him
So many things He’s done
So don’t forget to start each day


By singing of His love!

Awesome Grace

I can’t imagine

What God will do today

Every day is a new miracle

When I trust His way


Nobody ever knows

The blessings that will come

When I yield to His spirit

And trust in His love


Today might bring trials

That challenge my faith

Designed so I’ll run

To His awesome grace


Sickness may come

In the midst of the night

Will I trust on His healing?

To end my plight?


Friends might desert me

And ruin my name

It’s then I need Jesus

To weather the pain


Days are not always

Blessings and joy

There are times in the valley

When we need to grow


So God allows these things

To strengthen our faith

If we’ll only just trust

In His awesome grace

I Need Jesus

I need Jesus
More today than yesterday
I need Jesus
More tomorrow than today
I need Jesus
When life takes a turn
And I can’t discern
The path to return
I need Jesus
When sorrow arrives
And I want to hide
From sadness in life
I need Jesus
When peace can’t be found
And troubles abound
And chaos is loud
I need Jesus
When joy goes away
And I have dismal days
When every smile fades
I need Jesus
And every time I call on Him
He’s swiftly by my side
Bringing His sweet mercy and His grace
I know I can depend on Him
To constantly abide
He always gets me back to the right place
My need for Him is more than life
It’s more than breath or blood
My need for Him is deep inside my heart
So give me Jesus every time
The storms of life get rough
And every time He’ll give me a fresh start
I need Jesus
More to today than yesterday
I need Jesus
More tomorrow than today
I need Jesus

My Heavenly Father

I once had a Father on earth

Who I barely knew at all

He left us when I was young

And He hardly ever called


We would get a gift at Christmas

And a visit here and there

But through time I grew bitter

And didn’t even care.


The anger inside grew mighty

As I reached my teenage years

I got into things angered my mom

And had her often in tears


I could not find my way through life

I struggled just to survive

The time had to come to turn around

Or I might take my life


Then a friend from a long time ago

Came and told me a story I knew

But He told it in such a different way

I listened and heard the truth


I have a heavenly Father

Who loves me very much

A heavenly Father up above

Who came my heart to touch


He gave His own son

To die in my place

And covered my sin

With amazing grace


His mercy is greater

Than all my shame

He’ll live in my heart

And call me by name


And one day he’ll come

And take me home

To a life everlasting

Around His throne


I love my heavenly Father

He takes care of all my needs

My heavenly Father

He’ll always be there for me


Love Inescapable

Hard times hit us all
Even happy people fell
Even we have days that cause us harm
But when we get real low
We know just where to go
Back to our Father’s loving arms
He holds His arms out wide
He’s ever at my side
He’s there to pick me up when I fall down
And if I bruise my soul
He heals me ’til I’m whole
And sets my feet on solid ground
He loves me
More than anything
He loves me
So amazing
He loves me
Even when my love grows cold
He loves me
Through my troubled days
He loves me
When I’ve lost my way
He loves me
I cannot escape His love
His grace will cover me
Whenever I’m in need
His blessings come in every size and shape
His mercy overflows
My selfish, prideful soul
And helps those things to quietly escape
His sweet perfection slides
Into this heart of mine
Without me even knowing it’s His hand
And then one day I see
His humility in me
And I realize that this is what He planned
He loves me
He fills me with joy
He loves me
His peace is employed
He loves me
More than I can ever know
He loves me
I will sing His prsise
He loves me
I’ll worship His sweet name
He loves me
I cannot escape His love