Start With Praise

If you want to have
A great day
I suggest that you
Start with praise
God is worthy of
Every word you have to say
Maybe music is
What you need
To get out of bed
On your feet
Set your radio
So your heart awakes to beat
Because praise will
Lift your spirit
Worship will
calm your worries
Putting Him first
Will bring you peace
So put your
Whole heart in it
Don’t let your world
Or your duties
Crowd out the praise
That puts your mind at ease
Singing Hallelujahs
Glory to the King
Lord of Everything
Glory,  glory
Savior of the world
Glory, glory
Giver of the word
Holy, holy
Perfect sacrifice
Holy, holy
Died to give me life
Loud Hosannas
Rose again that day
Loud Hosannas
Gave us power to pray
So many ways to praise Him
So many things He’s done
So don’t forget to start each day


By singing of His love!

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