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Sweet Grace

Awake to the dawn of the sun as it rises
A new day He’s given to lift up His praise
A walk toward the sunset to see the bright colors
That glorify God in our life everyday

These are the typical ways that we see Him
All in the splendor that He gifts us with
These are the times that we lift our praises
For He has given to us such great gifts

Yet even even in sorrow our hearts should still praise Him
Even in doubt we should bow at His throne
For God is still there always walking beside us
In good times and bad, we are never alone

Don’t wait for good times and hold in your worship
Don’t wait until you think all is in place
God always loves you no matter your trail
He will come cover you with His sweet grace


In response to the daily prompt Typical

Missed His Grace

When I see all the chaos
In this crazy world of ours
I sit here and I wonder
How our time has been devoured

The preciousness of each new day
Seems best to have escaped
Before we know it sun has set
And we have missed His grace

His grace is with us every day
Each moment we’re alive
It gives us hope to carry om
It helps us to survive

But most times we just let it slip
Not giving grace a thought
We think we made it on our own
Through every battle fought

The truth is that His grace was there
When we were in a bind
He brought us out and lifted us
Out of the daily grind

But we just went our way again
Not giving grace a thought
While all the while it was right there
Our future grace has bought

The next time trouble comes your way
Lift up your eyes and see
That grace was there beside you
And grace has set you free

Answers Today


What is it you need?
What requests have you made?
What trials loom big?
What troubles your day?

What escape do you need?
What words have you prayed?
What blocks out your joy?
What stands in your way?

Just take it to God
Don’t insist on your way
If you’ll trust in Him
He’ll answer today


In response to the daily prompt Insist

Depend on You

When I am in sorrow
And I am discouraged
I know you will see me through.

When I’m disappointed
And I am downhearted
I know I can trust in you

When my heart is broken
And trials are heavy
I know I just need to pray

When I think I’m lost
And storms swirl around
I know that you’ll make a way.

You are the answer
To all of my needs
You are my strength
When I’m on my knees
You’re the supplier
Through every storm
I can always depend on you

Swift Storms

I watch as ships go sailing by
Waves undulate below them
The crew members are calm and sure
The water tends to soothe them

Storm clouds gather in the west
They travel swiftly eastward
The undulation of the waves
Begins to toss them forward

The swiftness of the storm was fierce
And waves capsized their ship
As far as they were out to see
The ship was not equipped

My life can mimic this short tale
The storms can come upon me
My faith can undulate with doubt
That God will come and save me

But if my faith is placed in Christ
He will equip me daily
He’ll calm the sea and give me peace
When trouble comes to me



In response to the daily prompt Undulate

Making Things Right

I cannot avoid the trials in life

I cannot avoid the fight

But I can rely

He’ll be by my side

Whenever the testing begins 
I cannot avoid some sorrow 

I cannot avoid some pain

But I know His plan

He will hold my hand

His joy will return again
Always there for me

Right by my side

Calming me

Keeping me

Making things right

Knowing He loves me

He’ll see me through 

He’ll turn every test for my good
I cannot avoid some people

I cannot avoid their doubt

I can build them up

With kind words of love 

I can help them figure life out
Perhaps they were brought to me

By His great plan

Perhaps I was put here for them

I must take the time

I must help them find 

The God who can bring them through
Always there for me

Right by my side

Calming me

Keeping me

Making things right

Knowing He loves me

He’ll see me through 

He’ll turn every test for my good