His Plan

Tiny granules of gleaming white sand
Slither through the hourglass of time
That signifies my lifespan
I cannot see this occurrence
I know not how much sand has emptied itself
From top to bottom
Nor can I perceive how much remains
To still work it’s way through
I am completely at God’s mercy
Then I make a perceived costly mistake
As I proceed down the pathway of life
I pause
I imagine that I have damaged my relationship
With my God who controls the sand
Has the plan been altered
Has the master removed some sand
Have a done irreparable damage
To the outcome
I ponder
Do I really think I am powerful enough
To upset the meticulous plans
Of Almighty God
Who formed me in my mother’s womb
Who knew me before He formed me
Who knows all from beginning end
Reality enters my mind and my spirit
As I acknowledge His authority
To allow whatever is needed into my life
To mold and make me into His perfect vessel
I humbly ask for His mercy
I give Him thanks for giving me this trial
I accept with joy this challenge
I lift my hands in praise
To Him who sits on the throne
I proceed

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