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By Faith

I thank you for the faith Lord
That you have given me
In all my deepest valleys
This faith has lifted me
When I have faced a battle
This faith has seen me through
When mountains loom before mefaith
This faith knows what to do

When I was just a wee lad
You gave this faith to me
I fell through broken ice Lord
Was drowning underneath
My best friend threw a branch Lord
You have me faith to reach
He pulled me out to safety
This faith had rescued me

Through teen years into twenties
I drifted for from you
I thought I’d lost this faith Lord
It seemed I forgot you
But one day faith arose in me
I prayed a prayer so true
I asked you to come in my heart
My soul was now rescued

Two years later I came ba k
To visit my best friend
Through faith you led me to a girl
My life you did suspend
I left my job and traveled back
To start up a new life
By faith I left my world behind
This girl became my wife

By faith we’ve gone through battles
Some scars are very deep
We’ve clung to hope in you Lord
Our souls you always keep
When every battle turns out good
We know you have supplied
By faith we once again dug in
And you have given life

Then cancer came to test us
And tried to bring us down
Our trust in you has risen
By faith we’ve overcome
Now we know forever
No matter what may come
If we just walk with you Lord
You’ll bring us safely home

Thank you for the faith Lord
That you have given me
When I look back on my life
It’s blessings I do see
And when I face the trials
That may come down my way
I’ll simply use this faith Lord
To make it through the day

He is Fair, He is Just, He is Good

I know that we all go through our struggles
At times we feel that God misunderstood
But we always must remember He us with us
He is fair
He is just
He is good

I have had those times when things seem so useless
Things just don’t turn out the way we think they should
Remember He is with me in the valley
He is fair
He us just
He is good

He is fair He is just He is good
He is fair He is just He is good
When I may not understand
He still holds me in His hand
He is fair He is just He is good

The next time you are caught up in your problems
When you’ve done all that you can and then you stood
Look to Jesus who will never leave you helpless
He is fair
He is just
He is good

He is fair He is just He is good
He is fair He is just He is good
When I may not understand
He still holds me in His hand
He is fair He is just He is good

That Wand’ring Spirit

There are times that I get caught up in the battle
My enemies will come to taunt and shout
It seems my situation will defeat me
And all that taunting starts to grow my doubt

Then I hear a voice so gently come and whisper
It’s the voice of my dear Savior calling me
My son do not be troubled by the trial
It’s there to make you all that you can be

I let this trial come so you would trust me
No matter what the circumstances bring
If you will just determine to go through it
You’ll find that soon your soul will dance and sing

I’ll give you strength to hold up under pressure
I’ll give you hope to come and light the way
I’ll give you joy and peace to calm your spirit
And you will see the victory one day

I slowly heard the voice of doubt go weaker
The taunting want it’s evil way as well
The only voice I heard no was my Savior
Guiding me out of that wand’ring spell

The trouble quickly faded into nothing
As I determined I would trust His word
I knew that I had grown a little stronger
The next storm would not throw as much a curve

He gave me strength to hold up under pressure
He gave me hope to come and light the way
He gave me joy and peace to calm my spirit
I now I see the victory today

Forever Love

He loves us always
Yes it is true
Forever His love
Abides with you

Through sunshine and rain
His love abides
Through sorrow and pain
His love does not hide

When difficult times
Come in like a flood
His love will be there
Always enough

When i feel defeated
When my hope is gone
His love will hold me
And bring me along

When heartache has touched me
When life disappoints
His love will uplift me
His spirit anoints

There’s no situation
His love will not win
Forever His love
Is settled within

Sweet Victory

We were not born for heartache
We were not born for pain
We were not born for suffering
We were not born for shame

We were not born for trials
We were not born for doom
We were not born for sorrow
We were born to overcome

Through all our disappointments
Through all of life’s hard tests
There’s someone walking with us
Who always wants our best

Jesus is our Champion
Our mighty victor strong
When He lives within us
We sing His victory song

I’m an overcomer
Through Jesus precious blood
No matter what I’m facing
His mercy is enough

He’ll walk me through the valleys
He’ll guide me day and night
When life is at its darkest
He’ll lead me to the light

I was born for victory
I was born to win
I was born to overcome
This flesh that lives within

I was born for Jesus
As He was born for me
From now on I will walk
In His sweet victory.

A Day Gone Bad for Good

I’ve often had a day that I consider bad
Not a thing goes quite the way that I would wish it had
When I look back at one day that happened long ago
My bad day seems quite beautiful compared to what I’ll show

It started with betrayal from a friend that he held dear
Then a walk to a garden where he prayed with many tears
He asked his closest friends to pray with him as one
But they just fell asleep so he had to pray alone

Soon soldiers had arrived with that friend who turned away
A kiss upon his cheek was the clue that he’s the prey
After a brief scuffle all those with him turned to flee
He was taken captive by a Roman enemy

Early in the morning several trials now were held
Religious leaders found men who would fashion lies to tell
They beat him and the spit on him as he remained quite still
They charged him with blasphemy and took him down the hill

Just before the dawn the second trial took place
That Roman procurator found him guiltless to his face
Sent him back to Herod who did not know what to do
Back to the Roman who decided pain was due

They scourged him with a whip laced with chips of stone
Then placed upon his head a crown of longest thorns
Bloody and so tired he faced a crowd he’d seen
Just five days ago they had praised him in the streets

This time they would choice between him and some known thief
They chose the other guy and gave him no relief
Crucify him was their cry and they strapped on him a cross
He bowed under its weight and another helped him up

They made it to the place that others were to die
They drove through hands and feet long and painful spikes
The cross was set upright and the terror now began
Only nine am and what a day he had not planned

He hung there for six hours and many words he spoke
He asked God to forgive them for the life that they forsook
Halfway through the sky turned dark in middle of the day
The final act was written it is finished he did say

They laid him in a borrowed tomb and set a guard to watch
The tomb wad sealed with one large stone so no one could approach
His day was over and to us it looks so very bad
But truly it’s the best day that we have ever had

We call this day Good Friday for our sins were washed away
Our healing was provided by the stripes He took that day
Deliverance from all our enemies was now ensured
His death became our victory for all of time secured

So sing aloud your praises for this worst of any day
Remember what had happened when you’re stuck in nasty days
Rejoice in all your trials and worship His great name
Jesus Christ endured the cross to take away your pain

A Spring Within

I’ve got joy in troubles
Joy in tears
Joy in sorrow
Joy in fears
I can say without a doubt
When I am hurting joy wins out

You ask how joy can overcome
The heartaches that will often come
How can a man be rocked with pain
And have a joy that still remains

It is no secret gift I have
Nor is it hid from any man
This joy is here for you to gain
When life seems to go down the drain

Just turn your mind to Jesus Christ
And realize He bled and died
Was tortured and was crucified
In nine short hours paid the price

Yet His word said that joy was there
As He gave sight to what’s ahead
His eyes not fixed on earthly things
Or all the troubles this life brings

If we would turn our eyes and see
The gifts that grace has meant to be
Our lives are filled with His sweet love
Besides those things that wait above

If we could only rest our mind
Away from troubles in our lives
Than joy would be a spring within
That never will grow dry again