Note to Self

Note to self
Don’t worry so much
Don’t break a sweat over tomorrow
Just concentrate on the gift of today
The present
Note to self
Never feel alone
God is always with you
Whether you feel Him or not
Trust Him
Note to self
This trial will end
It has only come for moment
To help you grow in the faith
It came to pass
I need reminding quite often
That the mercy of God is for me
This His grace will always cover me
That He loves me despite myself
So I write these
Notes to self
Note to self
You’ll be okay
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Or even the big stuff for that matter
Give it to God
Note to self
God loves you
No matter what you say or do
He will always be there for you
He is faithful
Note to self
Give Him your all
Don’t hold back in your witness
Let the world hear your testimony
Be bold for the Lord
Note to self
Praise Him
Praise Him from sunrise to sunset
Praise Him no matter what is going on
Praise Him with all that you have
Praise Him wherever you go
Praise Him for everything
Just Praise Him

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