Waiting on You

I am waiting on you, Lord

Not sure what I should do, Lord

For the trials of this life are weighing me down

All my hope is in you Lord

To help me find a way through

There is nothing you can’t do

So I’ll wait on you

I’m placing my hope in you

You’ll give me faith so I might make it through

Help me to wait on you

7 thoughts on “Waiting on You

  1. SR

    Such a wonderful reminder Pete. To be “still” and “wait on God.” I do so hope though the statement regarding the “trials of life weighing you down,” is for the poem and not your health or anything. I always think and pray about your health issues.

    Another thing I want to mention when we talked about copyrighting. I meant copyright your blogs. How you do that is to simple make a copyright statement with the symbol if you know how, as I can never get it to work.

    I say this Pete, bc I believe with all of my heart one day all of this is going to be published. I don’t want anyone stealing your stuff. I have a lot of “free lance writers” following my blog, and I am going to have to copyright mine, as some of it is going into my book.

    Again great post and will begin looking into what we spoke of this weekend. God Bless, SR

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    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks Sr. To be honest with you this was written several years ago and I haven’t posted it before so I thought I’d put it up this morning. No it has nothing to do with my current condition.

      I’ll try to figure out how to get that copyright at the bottom of my posts. I think you’re right. However my poems I’ve always felt that God wanted me to give them to the church and they weren’t mine to necessarily keep. I’ll have to pray about whether I copyright those are not although I have copyrighted those that I have melodies for and it done music with chords.

      I so appreciate hearing from you on a regular basis. You encourage me more than you know

      Be blessed

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      1. SR

        Put your copyright in your pages or sidebar and then you will not have to do it with each post.

        I am glad you are okay. Just wondering? I think the complement goes to you dear friend. Though I am humbled by it, I am nothing compared to you. God Bless, SR


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