The Lord

The Lord is my strong tower
A refuge from the storm
When danger lurks about me
He keeps me from all harm

The Lord is my deliverer
When I call on His name
The enemy will flee from me
If I will seek His face

The Lord is my redeemer
My sin He has erased
Forever I will trust in Him
I’ll give Him all my praise

The Lord will fight my battles
When I obey His word
As long as I am seeking Him
His promises endure

The Lord is strong and mighty
The Lord is always near
The Lord will calm my doubts
The Lord will squash my fear

The Lord does reign forever
The Lord is above all
The Lord is King of Heaven
The Lord still hears my call

I will shout and sing
The praises of my king
For He will be my guide
He’s always at my side

What a precious Savior
The one that I adore
He showers me grace
Oh how I love the Lord

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