In Hard Times


Sulking in a corner
Downstairs in my room
Thoughts of taking my life
All is doom and gloom
I can’t see a future
When I see my past
Why don’t I just end it
This misery will last

All alone
The enemy attacks here
Going crazy
Hope is gone
Why am I in such fear

I search my inner being
I find a ray of hope
There’s something deep inside me
That rises like a smoke
It fills my mind with wonder
Then I can sense a joy
The Holy Spirit rises up
His peace I now employ

I won’t get isolated
I won’t go off alone
I won’t look at my past
That robs me of my hope
I’ll look to the future
Where God has plans for me
And in His loving arms
I will always be

Don’t get isolated
Don’t crawl inside your head
Allow the Holy Spirit
To bring joy instead
He is waiting for you
To summon Him today
Rise up from that depression
For God will show the way

2 thoughts on “Isolated

  1. isaiah46ministries

    Lovely poem, Pete, and so timely. A friend and I talked the other day about suicide among young black boys, mainly, and what could be done. Certainly, we need to tell them of God’s love or them, in words they understand. So many have no father, so God as Father may not speak to them.

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    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks. This was tough one to write. I’m glad it’s not the way I feel personally but I feel for those who go through things like this. Thank you for your comment and you’re concerned

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