The Humble Heart

I saw the angels gather
By the throne of God
Before the sun had dawned one cloudy day
I strained to hear them talking
And then the angels said
Lord, how can we go bless someone today

God smiled and nodded slowly
That question pleased Him so
He rose up from His throne and all got still
His voice then filled the heaven’s
I could hear the words He said
I’ll write them here so you can know His will

Bring peace to those that fear
Bring joy to those that weep
Bring hope to all who think their life is bleak
Bring healing to the sick
Deliverance to the bound
Bring strength to all who tremble and are weak

Give sight to all the blind
Give hearing to the deaf
Give words to those whose tongues have never talked
Wisdom to the seekers
Knowledge to the teachers
Give strength to all the lame who’ve never walked

The angels listened closely
As the master spoke these words
They sang hallelujah when He sat back down
Then one spoke up for all of them
Lord we gladly will do all
Just tell us which ones need which blessing now

God leaned over to the angels
I will not forget His words
Just listen to their prayers was His reply
Give ear to intercessors
As they lift up their requests
Fulfill the cries of those with humble hearts

The angels then retreated
They headed down to earth
One question filled my heart and mind day
When I lift up my voice
In petition to the Lord
Is it with a humble heart that I pray


God I need you desperately
There is no other way
My soul and spirit cry out
For your sweet touch today

God I love you completely
My life is in your hands
My heart belongs to you alone
I wait to hear your plan

What a wonder you are oh God
Your mercy is all I need
You saved my soul
You made me whole
Your grace has captured me

God I come with humility
I bow down at your feet
With broken heart from all my sin
Let mercy cover me

I’m desperate Lord
Desperate for more of you
Desperate for your mercy
Desperate for your grace
Desperate for your love
Desperate to see your face

What a wonder you are oh God
Your mercy is all I need
You saved my soul
You made me whole
Your grace has captured me

The Eyes of Jesus

I dreamed I was walking down the street
Saw a beggar begging bread
I drop a few coins in His tin cup
Then on down the street I head

I sew a drunk man crossing the street
Has trouble finding his way
I take his arm to help him across
Then continue on with my day

I saw three young men coming my way
Their clothing and look was a mess
I bowed my head and walked silently
So as not to give them offense

What did I see when I looked at them all
Through these judgmental eyes of mine
Did my pride rise up and see their sin
Or did His mercy fill up my eyes

With all the hatred throughout our land
The church needs to rise up tall
One by one we must take a stand
And humble ourselves at the cross

He looked on us full of compassion
No matter what filled up our lives
He cried Father forgive them for you and I
As He hung His head and died

If I’ll look with the eyes of Jesus
Full of compassion and love
Perhaps I can plant a seed in their lives
And turn their hearts above

Help me Lord when I cross their paths
To see the sinner and not the sin
Give me courage to share your love with them
Give me the right words within

Make me humble and down to earth
Make me appeal to their needs
Help me to find some common ground
Help me to plant a seed

Out Of My Ways

When I’m full of myself
There’s no room for you, Lord
No room for wisdom, no room for joy
When I‘m full of myself
I can’t fill myself with you

When I’m lost in myself
There’s no way to get out
No path to take, no plan to tout
When I’m lost in myself
I can’t find my way to you

I want to fill myself with you
Filled with your word and your Spirit
I want to lose myself in you
Lost in your love
Peace from above
Lifting my praise to you

When I’m guiding myself
My path is obscure
Where I’ll end up isn’t sure
When I’m guiding myself
My path strays away from you

I want to follow in your ways
Keeping your word with my whole heart
I want to know you are my guide
Follow your plan
Holding your hand
Lifting my praise to you

Keep me out of myself and into you
Out of my ways all of my days
Out of my pride, in you I’ll hide
Only in you will my life abide

I want to fill myself with you
Filled with your word and your Spirit
I want to lose myself in you
Lost in your love
Peace from above
Lifting my praise to you

Humble Yourself

Pride is the enemies most valuable weapon

Pride is the way he maintains his possession

Whenever I get tied up inside of myself

Pride convinces me I’m okay.


Pride will take me to heights of elation

Pride will send me to the depths of depression

Whenever I get tied up inside my own self

Pride convinces me I must stay.


Pride is the enemy of God in our hearts

Pride is the first thing that has to depart

Whatever it takes to get out of myself

Pride must be left in the past


Because to come to God we must acknowledge our sins

We must ask His forgiveness and grace

We must bow down before Him and say He is Lord

Then, and only then, we’ll be saved


Then we will know of His ultimate love

Then we will know that He rules from above

Then we will know that He that He wants to know us

In the very depths of our hearts


And if we humble ourselves before God on that day

We will taste of His marvelous, wonderful grace

We will start to feel love as the pride we erase

And allow His meek Spirit to thrive


So won’t you please recognize all of the pride

That you’ve bottled up way down deep inside

And bow on your knee and lay it aside

And be humbled before your God?

Lack of confusion

I am not one to boast or brag

I used to and life was such a drag

I thought I knew just about everything

And I let people know it with plenty of zing


But one da y I learned that I was confused

About what was important when life is diffused

It’s now what I know in my head that stands tall

It’s what’s in my heart that matters at all


So now I am quieter day after day

I realize I don’t really know what to say

Except to say Jesus is really the way

To end your confusion today


Written in response to the daily prompt Confused