The Great Escape

I was floundering through life
Delirious at times
By night so many drinks
By day smoke dulled my mind
I thought that life was grand
Because my mind was dulled
I really was in trouble
Enslaved by what I loved

But then I found the Savior
My great deliverer
He came in like a squadron
Defeating all my fear
I found myself with new desires
My mind was thinking straight
His love had filled my heart
Before it was too late

Jesus, Mighty Jesus
Authority is His
Power and dominion
Is always His to give
When He came into my life
He taught me how to live
He provided me a great escape

Escape from all my fears
Escape from all my doubts
Escape from all my sorrows
Escape from satan’s shouts
Escape from sins dead snare
Escape from words of hate
Escape from thoughts of lust
Escape from dumb debates
He broke all of my chains
I now am walking free
He opened prison doors
He brought me victory

Now I can trust in Him
My mind is in His word
His Spirit speaks to me
His peace is my reward
There’s no misunderstanding
Of who is in control
I’m putty in His hands
A sheep within His fold

Jesus, Mighty Jesus
Authority is His
Power and dominion
Is always His to give
When He came into my life
He taught me how to live
He provided me the great escape


The Real Deal

My way is better than yours
Said the tortoise to the hare
You may be faster and stronger then I
But I will still beat you there

The hare laughed a thunderous roar
He said not a chance you will win
Then he bet all he had including his home
Because He was so sure within

We all know the outcome that day
The hare’s supercilious way
Cost him all that he had because of his pride
Now he doesn’t know what to say

I’ve been there and know how he feels
Pride can make all of us reel
So never allow your pride to rise up
Just try to be the real deal

In response to the daily prompt

Best on my Knees

There was a movie few years back
For tears my eyes did never lack
The transformation was so real
From unknown kid to Blindside whirl

My blindside took me for a ride
It hid itself from my eyes
You see I was brimming with pride
It was eating away my inside

So I went on a Spirit retreat
And really got into God’s meat
I found I was so wrong indeed
And set out fill up my need

My need was for humility
I contrite heart was my plea
Through study I came to see
I was best when down on my knees

Now my blindside is under control
There’s peace deep inside my soul
His mercy made me again whole
Now a humble way I do know



In response to the daily prompt

The Roaming Heart

I’ve been the one who appeared to be good
Singing and praising the Lord
I’ve been the one who all thought was meek
Knowing a lot in the word

But inside my pride was boiling up
I made real bad choices alone
I put on a mask of being so good
But deep down inside my heart roamed

Then God brought me low before His great cross
I realized the depth of my sin
I started to live an authentic faith
Where Christ reigned supreme within

Today I watch daily that pride does not rise
My wife helps my eyes to behold
My Savior is there to help me along
I thank Him that He brings me low



In response to the daily prompt Authentic

Heart Repair

I’ve had my days of power
When selling was my thing
I grew my share of business
By selling stuff with bling

My pride got in the way
Most dominant of traits
I grew too big in my own eyes
Delusion was my fate

My rescue came by mercy
With one big dose of grace
Jesus put my mind on track
A humbling time took place

Now every time my pride will rise
To levels not desired
I place my life into His hands
And He repairs my heart






In response to the daily prompt Dominant

The Eyes of Jesus

I dreamed I was walking down the street
Saw a beggar begging bread
I drop a few coins in His tin cup
Then on down the street I head

I sew a drunk man crossing the street
Has trouble finding his way
I take his arm to help him across
Then continue on with my day

I saw three young men coming my way
Their clothing and look was a mess
I bowed my head and walked silently
So as not to give them offense

What did I see when I looked at them all
Through these judgmental eyes of mine
Did my pride rise up and see their sin
Or did His mercy fill up my eyes

With all the hatred throughout our land
The church needs to rise up tall
One by one we must take a stand
And humble ourselves at the cross

He looked on us full of compassion
No matter what filled up our lives
He cried Father forgive them for you and I
As He hung His head and died

If I’ll look with the eyes of Jesus
Full of compassion and love
Perhaps I can plant a seed in their lives
And turn their hearts above

Help me Lord when I cross their paths
To see the sinner and not the sin
Give me courage to share your love with them
Give me the right words within

Make me humble and down to earth
Make me appeal to their needs
Help me to find some common ground
Help me to plant a seed

I’m Back

I will be returning to these pages soon.  While my break was very refreshing, it also took me places I should not have gone.  It created idle time, and I learned some important things from this break, or perhaps I was just reminded of them.

The first is that pride is the greatest weapon our enemy has.  It can pull down even the best and brightest star, which Lucifer once was (Ezekiel 28:14-18, Isaiah 14:12-14).  He is very aware of what affect it will have on us, and on our relationship with God.  So he slowly sneaks it into our mindset unawares, and soon we are finding ourselves making decisions different than what God has told us.  We are finding ourselves and what we do important, more important than they are.  We are becoming a star, hoping that everyone  will see us, and see just how right and how honest and how just we are, when in fact we are just following our heart, which is deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9)  We start to emulate others rather then being ourselves.  I saw this in myself and rather than put it under the blood, I succumbed and stopped writing – the wrong thing to do.  No weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17), including pride.  Once recognized, it is already on defeat.

The second is when God tells me to do something, I should do that and not what I am telling myself, or what God did not tell me to do.  The poems and songs are things that He was giving me daily, and as  took my break, that flow was less audible to me.   When you turn your mind off to God in one area, it’s easy to turn Him off in other areas too. I was hearing from God on a regular basis,  and writing Psalms of praise and reflection on a regular basis.  It was as simple as starting to write as He formed the words in my  mind, and before I knew it, a song or a poem had arisen.  But during this hiatus, as I was getting used to not writing, I turned my mind off to those sudden words that would come to me in the night (mostly).  And very few new poems/songs have been written. You will start to see new posts again soon.  I was also going to start back up on my piano, something I dd not do.  I am doing that now.

The third thing was that I was going to devote more time to Bible study.  But in dong so, I abandoned my study n Psalms, which was something God told me to do, and it was a wonderful learning experience for me, and will continue to be with 30 more Psalms to go.  But I, in my own mind (and pride) thought I should be doing more bible study.  Just doing a Psalm, or a part of a Psalm, and reflecting on it’s meaning in my life wasn’t enough , was it?  I needed more, didn’t I?  God never told me I needed more – that was my own quest for knowledge (which can be, and is in me, pride).  He told me to reflect on Psalms.  So I will go back to that.  If you are not following my bible study page – Walking in Christ, you can find it HERE

So I am going to start posting again.  It may not be daily, and sometimes it may.  With the new work I have at home, I am a little busier than I was before,  But I must do what God has asked me to do,so I will get back into it.  I look forward to hearing from each of you, and  thank you for staying in touch!


What Are Yours?

We pay it little attention
We hardly know it’s there
We go through life so blindly
And most of us don’t care

When we’re young we learn to say no
And push the limits of all
As we grow our pride takes center stage
And our own way is our call

We strive for worldly riches
And we thing we know all things
There’s nothing that can teach us
Of a better way to live

My friends this is the symptom
Of the sin that’s born in all
From Adam’s seed it entered
And caused us all to fall

But Jesus paid redemption’s price
To take our sin away
Won’t you accept Him as your Lord
And save your soul today?




In response to the daily prompt Symptom

Out Of My Ways

When I’m full of myself
There’s no room for you, Lord
No room for wisdom, no room for joy
When I‘m full of myself
I can’t fill myself with you

When I’m lost in myself
There’s no way to get out
No path to take, no plan to tout
When I’m lost in myself
I can’t find my way to you

I want to fill myself with you
Filled with your word and your Spirit
I want to lose myself in you
Lost in your love
Peace from above
Lifting my praise to you

When I’m guiding myself
My path is obscure
Where I’ll end up isn’t sure
When I’m guiding myself
My path strays away from you

I want to follow in your ways
Keeping your word with my whole heart
I want to know you are my guide
Follow your plan
Holding your hand
Lifting my praise to you

Keep me out of myself and into you
Out of my ways all of my days
Out of my pride, in you I’ll hide
Only in you will my life abide

I want to fill myself with you
Filled with your word and your Spirit
I want to lose myself in you
Lost in your love
Peace from above
Lifting my praise to you

A Poetic Love Chapter

I can sing my sweet praise to Jesus
I can shout out and dance in praise
But if I am not showing love
All of my worship is vain

I can speak prophetic and mighty
Or give out a message in tongues
But if I do not love my neighbor
My words will not touch anyone

I can give away all my possessions
Or feed and clothe those that are poor
But if love is not my compulsion
My deeds will just be ignored

Love must be patient kind and not proud
Envy and boasting must flee
Love gives out honor and seeks not for self
Anger must not ever be

Love forgets wrongs and evil it hates
Rejoicing in only the truth
Love will protect trust hope and preserve
Love never fails to bring fruit

Prophets and tongues will one day be gone
And knowledge will pass away
For now we only can do these in part
When Jesus returns they won’t stay

When I was a child my life did those things
That children are apt to do
But when I grew up, childish things had to go
Now I must see things in full

In this world we have faith hope and love that sustain
They are gifts from our Father above
But when we look through the eyes of the Lord
The greatest of these is love