He Lights Our Path

Rainfall, incessant since daybreak
Gently soaking into the ground
Giving life to all that lives
Much like God's word - the water of life
The living water that springs from within
Incessant, ever flowing
Drawing us closer to Him
The wind, howling wildly
Starting when it wants, where it wants
Ending without a trace
I never know when it is coming,
Or where it is going.
So is the Holy Spirit
Blowing through my life
Encouraging me, guiding me
Showing me His will, His life
Drawing me loser to Him
The sun, giving light to all
Warming us with its radiance
Helping us to see what s around us
Giving life to all it touches
So is the Son, Jesus Christ
He gives life to all he touches
He helps us to see what is inside us
He lights our path
Drawing us closer to Him
All the world glorifies the Father
The heavens declare the Son
All of nature testifies of Him
All of His creation praises His wonderful name
Let us rejoice and be glad in Him!

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