I Will Not Deny

I will not deny His mercy

That touches me each day
I will not deny His grace
That raises up my faith

I will not deny His Healing
That’s keeping me alive
I will not deny His strength
That helps me to survive

There can be no mistaking His love
And the things He has done for me
I will lift up my praise
To His glorious name
And testify to all I see

I will not deny His sacrifice
The nails He took for me
The suffering and bleeding 
He endured on Calvary

I will not deny they buried Him
And sealed the borrowed tomb
I will not deny He rose again
One day He will take me home

One day will come
When evil will rise
And demand my allegiance to him
When that day comes
And my life is required
I will never deny 
I will never deny

There can be no mistaking His love
And the things He has done for me
I will lift up my praise
To His glorious name
And testify to all I see

Time to take a break

I am going to take a break from blogging for a while. I am not sure how long.  There are two reasons for this break.

The first is that I have come to realize that a sense of pride is starting to build within me again associated with my blogging activity.  I am very susceptible to pride, and want no part of it.  I have been down that road, and was a long way from where I need to be with Jesus.  The reason I feel that this is a problem is tied into the second reason I am going to take a break.  One of my blogs has taken the place of my daily devotions.  I read and pray over the scriptures I am going to blog on, but I don’t take the time to read and pray on my own.  I am trusting God will lead my  thoughts in writing these blogs, but so often I find myself searching for the right words.   I depend on the knowledge I have built up through the years to get me through each post.

As for this blog, it has taken the place of using my time to develop songs from the poetry God gives me.  For months now I have been trying to get back on the keyboard and work on the lyrics, many lyrics, that he has given me over the past year, and I just can’t find the time.  So now I will!

It is time I started to get back into a devotional time in the morning, as I used to.  This blog has been wonderful for me, but with pride getting stronger and stronger, I have to pull back.  I may still post on occasion, but it will have to be ordered by the Lord, not me.

You have all been wonderful, and I’m sure I will be back at some point.  I wish you all a very Happy Easter.  May Christ become more real to you than He has ever been during this special time of year.

God Bless You all


Love Like Jesus Loved

To love like Jesus loved we have to love them all the same
It doesn’t matter where there from or how they spell their name
Thin or tall, large or short their size is not an issue
Neither is the color of their skin or what they’ve been through

To love like Jesus loved we must remember who we are
Sinners that are saved by grace because we gave our heart
No one deserves His grace at all especially not me
Who am I to keep that grace when He says set it free

To love like Jesus loved means to reach out every day
We must give all we have to those who need to find their way
We cannot pick and choose who comes across our daily path
Each person that we meet is someone He has planted there

To love like Jesus loved means to put away our pride
It means that when we get put down we take it all in stride
It means that grace is over all and mercy rules the day
It means that when someone needs help we take the time to pray

To love like Jesus loved is not an option we can shun
He gave us His command that we must reach to everyone
So let’s get busy church and do the bidding of the Lord
Because to love like Jesus loved is what He truly called us for

Stay Calm

If you want to gain
A sure sense of peace
Then don’t let tomorrow creep in
Today’s all you’ve got
So give that to God
His grace is a timely free gift

He does not give more
Than you need for today
Until the next day has come
So don’t fret or worry
And don’t be distressed
He’ll give what you need to stay calm


In response to the daily prompt Timely

In Your Place

Can you see Him
Nailed to a cross
In your place

Can you see Him
Taking on sin
In your place

Can you hear Him
Agony for hours
In your place

Can you hear Him
Cry out to God
Cry out to man
It is finished
Gave up His life
For you

Will you trust Him
Give Him your life
He gave His for you
When He died
In your place

Will you believe
Three days later
Rose from the grave
Our lives to save

Come to Him now
Give Him your life
Because He gave His
In your place

It Moves!

I never before have announced
Something special in one of my rhymes
But today I am breaking tradition
‘Cause I want to announce this on time

I’m pleased to let all of you know
This bad shoulder I’ve had for a year
Has now started to move on it’s own
In response to all who gave prayer

So I thank you with all my heart
For the prayers you have said for me
This cancer will certainly pass
Since we all have the faith to believe


In response to the daily prompt Pleased

Crazy Love

You came down from heaven a little babe
Gave up your glory for man to save
Poured out your mercy and your grace
All the way to the grave

You preached three years to people in need
Did many miracles many good deeds
You made enemies of the Pharisees
Just so you could die for me

How crazy is your love Lord your love for me
It reaches to the mountains and across the sea
You tell me you will love me for eternity
How crazy is your love for me

You let them take you freely on that dreadful night
Were beaten, scourged and bloodied what an awful sight
They nailed you to a cross, the day turned into night
You died that day to give me life

Your love is so amazing
Your love is so divine
Your love surpasses all things
Your love will always shine
Your love reached down from heaven
To Calvary that day
How crazy is your love for me

How crazy is your love Lord your love for me
It reaches to the mountains and across the sea
You tell me you will love me for eternity
How crazy is your love for me

Washed Away

A crowd gathered in the street
Welcoming the King
Palm leaves scattered on the ground
Robes laid at His feet

Hosannah to the King who comes
Riding on a colt
Proclaiming highest praise to Him
Before the rocks cry out

He overturns the temple wares
Rebukes the Pharisees
Tells stories of hard times to come
The crowd now disbelieves

By night they take Him quickly
A fast and unfair trial
He stands before the crowd again
They shout crucify

A crowd gathered in the street
To mock this would be king
His body whipped and beaten down
He walks in suffering

Up to Calvary they go
Hands and feet are nailed
They raise Him up for all to see
A sign says He is Lord

Then He spoke three words of hope
Father forgive them
And all down through the ages
His mercy now does win

He gave His life that day for us
No one took it from Him
Through His sacrifice for us
He’s washed away our sin

Oh what a wonderful Savior
Who died that day for me
Purchased my salvation
From sin He set me free

Eyes Wide Open

So many people follow
The words of mortal man
No question if it’s truth
They move at their command

It seems they wander blindly
The path laid out for them
By those who could not care less
If they lose or if they win

I’ve made my big decision
My eye’s are open wide
I’m going to follow Jesus
His word will be my guide

No blindness in His message
No question of the truth
The victory lies in His hands
He loves me through and through



In response to the daily prompt Blindly

Sweet Showing of Grace

The death angel roamed through the city
His mission he had to obey
The firstborn would die
There’s be sorrow that night
For Pharaoh was stuck in his ways

The people of God were prepared for the angel
They took a new lamb to their care
For three days He stayed
Then a sacrifice made
The lamb was their meal to share

There was a sign for the angel to pass
So the firstborn would be left alive
If the blood was applied
They all would survive
The death angel passed in the night

Sin has been passed to us from Adam’s seed
All are infected within
One day will soon come
The return of the Son
Will He find we have covered our sin

He shed His own blood as our Passover lamb
On that cruel cross so long ago
When His blood is applied
To the sin in our lives
He washes us whiter than snow

Be prepared for the day that the Son will return
Accept His sweet showing of grace
It’s for you that he died
In the tomb He did lie
Then in three days He rose from the grave