Time to take a break

I am going to take a break from blogging for a while. I am not sure how long.  There are two reasons for this break.

The first is that I have come to realize that a sense of pride is starting to build within me again associated with my blogging activity.  I am very susceptible to pride, and want no part of it.  I have been down that road, and was a long way from where I need to be with Jesus.  The reason I feel that this is a problem is tied into the second reason I am going to take a break.  One of my blogs has taken the place of my daily devotions.  I read and pray over the scriptures I am going to blog on, but I don’t take the time to read and pray on my own.  I am trusting God will lead my  thoughts in writing these blogs, but so often I find myself searching for the right words.   I depend on the knowledge I have built up through the years to get me through each post.

As for this blog, it has taken the place of using my time to develop songs from the poetry God gives me.  For months now I have been trying to get back on the keyboard and work on the lyrics, many lyrics, that he has given me over the past year, and I just can’t find the time.  So now I will!

It is time I started to get back into a devotional time in the morning, as I used to.  This blog has been wonderful for me, but with pride getting stronger and stronger, I have to pull back.  I may still post on occasion, but it will have to be ordered by the Lord, not me.

You have all been wonderful, and I’m sure I will be back at some point.  I wish you all a very Happy Easter.  May Christ become more real to you than He has ever been during this special time of year.

God Bless You all


7 thoughts on “Time to take a break

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Pete, enjoy your break and I understand the need for a break. Though, I only one blog, I understand that when it takes over your daily routines, especially the ones that keep you whole, then one must a bit time out .. i did it and i am so glad i did.

    See you soon and enjoy re-linking to yourself. Regards bella


  2. beholdinghimministries

    Blessings, our friend, you will surely be missed but so applaud your heart for God and walking by His Spirit rather than the flesh. God surely must be pleased! We will look forward to your return with a fresh anointing that tears down yokes, sets the captive free, and leads towards worship! May God continue to bless and keep you and be gracious to you as His face shines upon you and He gives you His peace.

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  3. poetryandnook

    HI Pete, I agree with you and the comments, though I will surely miss your daily writing and the wisdom and inspirations that it provided. God bless you more as you devote more of your time in Him and His calling.

    Happy Easter too…



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