Sweet Showing of Grace

The death angel roamed through the city
His mission he had to obey
The firstborn would die
There’s be sorrow that night
For Pharaoh was stuck in his ways

The people of God were prepared for the angel
They took a new lamb to their care
For three days He stayed
Then a sacrifice made
The lamb was their meal to share

There was a sign for the angel to pass
So the firstborn would be left alive
If the blood was applied
They all would survive
The death angel passed in the night

Sin has been passed to us from Adam’s seed
All are infected within
One day will soon come
The return of the Son
Will He find we have covered our sin

He shed His own blood as our Passover lamb
On that cruel cross so long ago
When His blood is applied
To the sin in our lives
He washes us whiter than snow

Be prepared for the day that the Son will return
Accept His sweet showing of grace
It’s for you that he died
In the tomb He did lie
Then in three days He rose from the grave

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