I Won’t Forget

I was walking down the street just the other day
With no set destination on my mind
My headphones were in place
As I walked a steady pace
I had set out just to pass some time

Then a song came on that got my feet a dancing
The beat set me in motion, feeling fine
I raised my arms up high
And my feet felt really light
I felt like I had just grown wings to fly

The song gave praise to Jesus Christ my Lord
They sang hallelujah all in one accord
It set my heart ion fire
With a Holy Ghost desire
To worship right along as I went forward

Hallelujah to the Lamb who was slain
Hallelujah to the one who has risen again
He died to set me free
And He’s coming back for me
Hallelujah to the Lord of Lords

Thank you Jesus I am made brand new
Ever since I put my faith in you
I will praise you with my song
As you ask me to press on  
Every trial you will see me through

I arrived back at my house out of breath
I’d been dancing and singing since I left
My spirit felt renewed
My hope restored in you
Lord, thank you for this time I won’t forget

I won’t forget the price you paid for me
‘I won’t forget that you have set me free
I won’t forget your grace
Or the mercy that you gave
Just to pardon and sanctify me

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