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Jesus takes my burdens

Walk in Victory

I had a heavy burden
It was so hard to bear
It always held me captive
Was with me everywhere

This burden was my sin
The lust inside of me
It made me always want more
Of everything I see

Then one day I met Jesus
He came to me with love
He said I’ll take your burden
My love will be enough

He said He’d share His yoke
It was easy and so light
I gave Him all my burden
And walked into His light

Now all I want is Jesus
He fills me with such peace
His joy has overwhelmed me
His hope sets me at ease

The burden that He took away
Still tries to hinder me
But when I look into His eyes
His love is all I see

Please give your lives to Jesus
He will your burdens take
Then you will walk in victory
Every single day

What He Went Through For You

I want to tell you how much Jesus loves you
You have to know what He went through for you
He did not have to come
He is God’s only Son
He could have stayed in Heaven all His days

He came down to this earth as a baby
Born in a lowly manger filled with hay
He was the King of Kings
But this babe had nothing
Only Shepherd’s came to greet Him where He lay

He walked upon this earth as a teacher
He healed the sick wherever He would got
But leaders of the day
Tried to find a way
To ridicule and prove He was a fraud

They finally decided He must be killed
They used their power to send Him to the cross
He was beaten and scorned
His scalp was pierced with thorns
They didn’t know that He’d accept the cost

They nailed Him to the tree at Calvary
They mocked Him as He slowly gave His life
But then He said forgive them
The people were astonished
That He could have compassion as He died

They placed Him in a borrowed tomb that evening
Three days He lay and friends hid while they mourned
The stone then rolled away
He rose again that day
We all can now rejoice for He’s alive

He came to earth for you
He bled and died for you
He rose again for you
He’s coming back for you
Won’t you cry out today
Ask Him your sins to take
He came to die for you
Because He loves you

Effective Prayer


I don’t know why you love me
Why you care so much for me
Why you gave your life for me
On a hill called Calvary

I try to do my best for you
I try to live my life for you
I try with all my heart and soul
To give you all I have
And give you all my praise

All that is within me wants to worship you
Wants to lift your name on high
Every minute
I lift your name
I lift your name

Jesus, Son of God
You came to free me from this sin
That dwells so deep within
Jesus, Lamb of God
You became my sacrifice
Giving me eternal life

All that is within me wants to worship you
Wants to lift your name on high
Every minute
I lift your name
I lift your name

Christmas Poetry

This Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day
The night is done
The Sky is bright
The child has come

The angels sang
Their joyous song
The shepherds came
Here they belong

The kings have seen
The brightest star
And they have traveled
From afar

It’s your turn now
What will you do
This little child
Has come for you

He came to teach
You how to live
He came tow you
How to give

He came to bring
God down to man
He came to prove
God’s loving plan

He came to die
For all your sins
He came to rise
To Heaven again

Will you accept
His sacrifice
Will you receive
Eternal life

The Christmas Day
Receive this Child
The Son of God

The Believers Life

Over and Over Again

I just can’t get over His love
It reaches to me from above
It touches my soul
It makes me whole
His great love is more than enough

I just can’t get over His grace
It reaches to me in this place
By grace i am saved
Grace showed me the way
His grace showers blessings my way

Over and over and over again
He reaches down from His throne
Time after time He is there for me
He never will leave me alone

I just can’t get over His mercy
When I’m weak He comes and defends me
His blood cleansed my sin
His love brought me in
His mercy is there to forgive me

When I feel unloved He loves me
When I feel unblessed He blesses
When I feel I’ve done too much wrong to survive
His mercy is there
No need to despair

Over and over and over again
He reaches down from His throne
Time after time He is there for me
He never will leave me alone

Heaven and Hell

Where Would I Be

If God were not merciful where would I be
I’m guessing I’d be dead for sin would kill me
My body would be buried under a tree
But my soul would be bound for hell

If God did not shed His grace where would I be
Most likely I would be without my family
I’d still be bound by the things that thrill me
Running around for the thrills

If God did not give His peace where would I be
Daily my worries would put fear in me
My hair would be gray and I would not be free
Most likely I’d hide in my shell

If God did not give me hope where would I be
I’d live for today and have constant parties
I would not care what tomorrow might bring
I certainly would not fear hell

If God did not live me where would I be
Lost in the depths of a sinful sea
Waves would be crashing in around me
And I would be bound for hell

Oh God you are merciful beyond degree
Your grace peace and hope are all around me
Your love reached my soul and has set me free
Now heaven is truly my home

I thank you dear Lord for setting me free
I thank you that I do not have to worry
I thank you that you sent your Son for me
Now I will live just for you

The Believers Life

Make Full My Cup

Lord grant your mercy to me
I need forgiveness now
I must repent
My heart is rent
Before your throne I bow

Lord shed your light upon me
Help me see what must change
I want to be
From sin set free
My life must rearrange

Lord light the fire within me
Give me a fervent zeal
That it may glow
And others show
That Your great love is real

Lord quench this thirst within me
That longs for more of you
Make full my cup
I lift it up
That mercy I will do

Lord fill this hunger in me
Your word is my delight
With open mind
Your truths I’ll find
As you reveal your Light