Let My Words

Let my words be graceful every day That whoever hears is blessed Let me speak only what edifies That the hearer will lift up his eyes Let my words bring peace to troubled souls Comfort in their darkest times Let me speak only what soothes their pain So that they might lift your name again … Continue reading Let My Words

He’s All You Need

Find peace in Jesus He settles your storms When lightning is flashing you’ll feel no alarm When you’re in a battle He will bring calm Find peace in Jesus safe in His arm Find joy in Jesus that bubbles inside When life brings a test His joy will not hide When all seems so wrong … Continue reading He’s All You Need

A Blessing

Be blessed this day my friend From dawn until the night May God define your path May love bring you delight May joy be yours abundant May peace make all things bright Be blessed this day my friend May Jesus be your light Be blessed this day my friend With every step you take Find … Continue reading A Blessing