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His Loving Hand

Wherever I walk He’s beside me
Wherever I go He will lead
Wherever I turn He’ll be with me
I trust in His loving hand

Whenever I fall He revives me
Whenever I slip He gives grace
Whenever I stumble He holds me
I trust in His loving hand

He holds me tight all the time
He never lets me go
No matter what trials or troubles come
His loving hand I will hold

Whatever I need He supplies me
Whatever I do He will bless
Whatever I fear He will lift me
I trust in His loving hand


All the day long. All of the night
Every moment I won’t leave His sight
He’ll be there with me holding my hand
Oh what a Savior. Oh what a friend


My Constant Friend

When I’m fighting in the battle
When I’m lost and all alone
When I’m struggling in the valley
When I can’t find my way home

It is then I turn to Jesus
He’s my constant friend indeed
He will strengthen my convictions
He’ll supply my every need

Then I’ll see He’s walking with me
Then I’ll hear His blessed voice
Then I’ll know my prayer is answered
Then my soul will fill with joy

I do not have to go through life alone. Jesus said he will never leave me or forsake me. So when I come up against a trial, or when a wall blocks my way, I can turn to Him and He will always be there. This promise is made many times in His word, so I know it is true. There is no reason to doubt it. I could list all the scriptures that say he will hear me when I call, and I could list many scriptures that tell me He will answer my prayer. I am not going to do that because they can easily be found with the great internet service we all enjoy.

The struggle comes when we don’t believe them all the time. We don’t think He has answered, or that He is going to answer. When these times come, we need to ask God for wisdom because chances are He has answered, just not in the way we want Him to. His ways are higher than ours, and His thoughts greater. He always knows what is best for you and that is always what he will give. If your in a difficult situation and it seems to get worse and worse, then perhaps God is showing you just how much you can bear, how strong you really are in Him. Keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting His word. At the same time listen closely, because he may be telling you what you should do and your worries are drowning out His voice. His still, small voice is always there to guide and direct. Listen closely, and hear His answer.

Matthew 11:28 King James Version
28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Run Over

Do you feel like life is running over you
You’re not really sure what you should do
Your world is spinning faster
You cannot catch your breath
It seemed like things get harder everyday

I know a way to conquer every fear
Come out of darkness without shedding a tear
It’s time to rise from hopelessness
To the one who gives you life
You will see that He will help you to survive

Jesus is the one who calms every storm
Jesus is someone who keeps you from all harm
Jesus has the answer for the problems in your life
So turn your life to him and give him praise

I cannot go through a single day
Without lifting up my hands to give him praise
I’ll open up my mouth to testify
About the way He helps me live my life

Don’t wait another day and come to him
Your problems disappear when you trust him
He’ll put you back together and turn your life around
Just trust the Lord with all your heart and soul

I know this poem does not flow well but this is how the Lord spoke it to me when I was on my morning walk. Sometimes life is like that. It just doesn’t flow well and is out of rhythm. I hear people say often that they feel like they have been run over by a truck. Life has left you hurting, tired and wondering why you got up that morning. Job felt that way. He told Hod to take him back and make it like he had never been born! Now that’s a desperate cry! The thing to remember about Job is not that he suffered through one of the worst days in history, endured the silly advice of friends and questioned God many times. The thing to remember is that he came through with double what he had to start!

Wat will God do in the midst of your suffering? How will He move in your life to bring double when it’s all over? Are you sad you have to go through this valley? Don’t be! When life runs you over, remember that we have a God that hears our cry and will answer and bring good things out of the bad. He is right there, by your side, to bring blessing instead of a curse. Will you trust him today, even if everything turns out wrong?

Psalm 30:11 King James Version
11 Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;

Trust Him

Trust God!
What a concept we should follow.

Trust Him
in the midst of the battle,
in the height if the storm,
in the depths of the valley
and in my deepest sorrow.

Trust Him
when He does not answer,
when He seems far away,
when I don’t hear His voice
and when I feel lost and alone.

Trust Him
even if I am sick,
or poor,
or hungry
or thirsty,
even if my soul longs to be closer to Him
yet my flesh keeps me away.

Trust Him
when I can’t trust in myself,
my family,
my friends,
my neighbors,
my coworkers,
or even people in my church.

Trust Him.
Always trust Him!