Taking Time

I don’t plan to disappoint Him but I do
I don’t plan to contradict Him but I do
I don’t plan to have a bad day where I walk away from Him
But I do.  Way too often I do
I don’t listen to His voice like I should
I don’t walk in His footsteps like I should
I don’t think about the ways I can witness of His love
Not I don’t.  Way too often I don’t
Taking time to be with Jesus should be my priority
Not just eking out a life of fun and games
Taking time to be with Jesus is my goal and my desire
I can’t remain where I am.  I have to change
I must spend time in His word every day
I must walk away from sin every day
I must tell of His great love to everyone I meet
Yes I must.  Every day I must
Taking time to walk like Jesus is my prayer
So that I can touch the sinners where they are
Taking time to spread His story to the ones who need it most
Ever word I speak will make them more aware
There was a song many years ago that Larnell Harris sang entitled “I Miss My Time With You.”  It represents the voice of God saying to someone how much he misses spending time with them because they haven’t been praying or reading the word like they should.  It’s a beautiful song with a great message.  When we love someone here on this earth, we want to spend time with them.  We will go out of our way often to spend time with them.  Their voice and their face are like caffeine top our spirit – they pick us up!
Way too often the cares of this life take precedence over spending time in prayer, in the word, and in our witness.  At least, that is true with me.  If I do not spend that time in the morning, I may never find it in the middle of the day. I have to Make Time!  I have to deliberately carve out some time, best in the morning, to spend with Him.  If I do that over and  over again, soon it will be a part of my routine and I will be spending the time with Him that I need to.  It is up to me to spend time with Him, because he is always with me.  I just am not aware of that until I turn to Him and seek Him first.
Psalm 63:1 King James Version
63 O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

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