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The Lord Said

The Lord said I am free
Why do I walk in bondage?
The Lord said I am healed
Why do I walk in sickness and pain?
The Lord said I am blessed
Why do I walk in poverty?
The Lord said I am saved
Why do I walk defeated?
The Lord said I have faith
Why do I walk in doubt?
The Lord said I have peace
Why do I walk in turmoil?
The Lord said I have joy
Why do I walk in sorrow?
The Lord said I have light
Why do I walk in darkness?
The Lord said He’s my friend
Why do I walk alone?
The said He’s the way
Why do I wander off?
The Lord said He’s the truth
Why do I believe a lie?
The Lord said He’s the life
Why do I walk in death
The Lord said He’s the Light
Why do I walk in darkness?
The Lord said He’s the Bread of Life
Why do I walk in need?
The Lord says He’s the resurrection
Why do I remain in the grave?
The Lord said He’s the Word made flesh
Why do I not believe?
He has told us all these things So we could walk in faith
Believing every word and not doubting what He said
Determine this In your heart to rejoice this very day
Because I have just told you what our Savior said
And you can know it’s true
Because Jesus loves you!

Fake News

This world is full of guessing
What the truth is and is not
The news around the world
Seems often to be bought 

Two sides that can't agree
On what course they should take
Makes for a lot of wordplay
That makes the truth seem fake 

There's one thing that I know 
Will always speak the truth
That is the Holy Bible
God's Word to me and you 

It tells me Jesus came to earth
And gave His life away 
A sacrifice for all my sins
So He could make a way 

No oversimplification
Is in these words today
If you will ask forgiveness
You too will find the way 

His way is to eternal life 
With Peace and joy for you
The fake news that appears down here
Gives way to God's good news
The Believers Life

Harken to the Lord

God's desire is always my freedom,
my deliverance,
my salvation from the pitfalls of this world. 
He wants me to walk in health and in blessing. 
I am the one who does not listen. 
He always listens to me. 
I am the one who doesn't spend time with Him. 
He always wants to spend time with me. 
I am the one who does not follow His word. 
He always honors His word. 
I am the one who walks away from His leading. 
He is always walking beside me. 
This sin that constantly invades my thoughts is not His fault,
it is mine because I do not let His thoughts invade my mind. 
He wants me to think on those things in His word,
on blessing not just ordinary living,
on victory not defeat,
on health not sickness,
on joy not sorrow,
on peace not turmoil,
on faith not doubt. 
It's time to harken to Him!

My Shield

My enemy came against me.
He started talking to me with enticing words.
He told me I should go my own way and do those things that I wanted to do
even though they would not be pleasing to God
I raised my sword the word of God defend myself
but all the knowledge that I had was not enough to quiet his voice.
It was not enough to dispel those thoughts.
They keep coming back to me.
My sword was quick and my sword was strong
but it still was not enough
because the fiery darts were firing so fast and from so many different directions.
I needed more in then my sword.
I lifted up my shield,
the Lord is my shield and with faith I dispelled those fiery darts of the enemy.
I praise God that He gave me my shield to protect me from my enemies
My Lord be my shield forever so that I might walk in Victory

I often hear people say that quoting the scripture is enough to get rid of the enemy. It is enough to bring healing into our lives. It is enough to set the captive free, to open blinded eyes and deaf ears. The Word is enough to bring someone victory over sin. All we need is the Word of God. After all, when Jesus finished His sojourn in the wilderness, He quoted scripture to Satan and Satan had to flee. Can’t I use that same formula to bring my enemy to his knees and run from me? The answer is no.

Through the years, I have acquired a vast knowledge of scripture. There are many with much more knowledge than I, and many who can quote verses and addresses with ease. Reading through the Bible over 6 times and studying various books, words and lessons, God has developed in me a great deal of knowledge that I can draw from in all types of distresses. This knowledge is wonderful to have but I need something else to activate this knowledge and make it applicable in tough situations. Paul told us that the Word of God is our sword in battle, our only offensive weapon.. But He also said we needed our shield. The shield protects us from our enemy by dispelling the thoughts he throws at s all the time. Paul says the shield is our faith. The psalmist says it is the Lord. Combine the two and you have faith in the Lord. Attach that your knowledge and you can move mountains!

Psalm 59:11 King James Version
11 Slay them not, lest my people forget: scatter them by thy power; and bring them down, O Lord our shield.

The Believers Life

Your Word

Your word is mighty
Your word is holy
Your word is mercy to me

Your word is lovely
Your word is worthy
Your word is mercy to me

Help me live according to your word
Let my live bring honor to you
Make the fire burn deep within my soul
I give all the glory to you
I give all the glory to you

Glory , glory. Hallelujah. You are worthy of my praise
Glory , glory. Hallelujah. You are worthy of my praise